Battle of Shiloh

By Hunter BB and Miranda Drescher


The battle was held in Hardin County, Tennessee.
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Battle Information:

The battle of Shiloh started on April 6th, 1862, when the confederate had struck the unions line with a swarm of 40,000 men under command of Gen. Johnson. The unmatched Confederate had gained advantage, and drove the forces from their camps. A battle line was soon created at the sunken road, known as the Hornets Nest. During the first day of attack, the confederates own, Gen. Johnson, was mortally wounded, and then replaced with P.G.T. Beauregard. On April 7th, Grant's army outnumbered Beauregard's forces, leading to the Confederate retiring from the field. The two day battle was known as the bloodiest battle in americas history at the time.