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Vero Beach Elementary


Get ready!!!
The VBHS drumline and CHEERLEADERS will be here at 2:30 pm on Wednesday for our first pep rally of the year. It's time to celebrate being a Little Indian.
Tentative plans are the Courtyard for the event. :)


We collected 11,746 Wampums in our ELKS store today!!!
Can't wait to see what our school-wide total is after the store on Tuesday.

Writing Celebrations and Areas of Growth!!!

We would like to recognize the following classes in each grade level that had the MOST growth.
Kinder and 1st grade- Entire Team. You are taking a very rigorous rubric and working with our newest Little Indians to set super high expectations. Keep it going.
2nd Grade- CORDOVANO!!!!
3rd Grade- BERWICK!!!!
4th Grade- SWINK!!!! Went from 11 students with zero score to NO students with a zero!!!
5th Grade- PATTERSON!!!!

How you frame the writing and re-write will make all the difference. Talk to your students about the awesome opportunity they have to show growth and let them know you care about what they have to say. Now that you've finished your first (whew), sit with the students and give them specific feedback on how they have grown. This will create ownership and excitement for the two-week writing process. Remember, the class becomes a mirror, if you're excited about the opportunity, they will be too.

Have you considered turning it into a competition for the second round?
Let students know, after they do their cold write, the top three improvements will earn a reward.. lunch with you? I'd be willing to do lunch with the principal one day if you give me notice. :) Let's rock this!!!

Finally, CONGRATS!!! If your class had the most growth, you have now earned the BRAG FLAG. Please pass along the flag to the new tribe member who has earned it. Make this passing of the flag an important and celebrated ritual. Maybe during lunch on Tuesday is a thought.

Kinder- Flag goes to Ms. Glickstein for the awesome tornado drill expectations and reflections afterwards.

First- Flag goes to Ms. Libby for working with a students family to ensure that they have every need met in her classroom. She's sticking through and working STRONG non-punitive interventions.


Great News!!! IReady training will be at VBE Tuesday!!!

Please be ready to rock and roll in lab1 on Tuesday during planning.

We have first priority in training and this is going to be amazing from what the Tribal Council saw at training on Thursday.

Please take this iReady Webinar below BEFORE Sept 7th.

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Best Practices before students begin diagnostic testing on iReady

Here are some Best Practices to consider when preparing to assess your students on their first Diagnostic of the year.

  • Ensure that you have built in adequate time for testing students in all grades. We recommend scheduling two sessions for reading and two sessions for mathematics to complete each subject. This could be done through rotations in classrooms or through the use of laptops.
  • Students will need scratch paper and pencil for the mathematics diagnostic.
  • Adults cannot assist to answer diagnostic questions, but can be very helpful to monitor on task behavior and answer any technical related questions for the students (especially our younger students). Adults should:
    • Assisting students who need help logging in correctly
    • Troubleshooting any audio issues
    • Help to identify and verbally redirect students who are potentially rushing or not taking the test seriously
    • Encourage students to do their best and continue working on the diagnostic even if they do not know the answer.

This awesome Ted Talk was shared by Deb Fox. Makes you wonder what the benefits would be if we can incorporate music into all core subject areas. Food for thought.

Next Week

Here is the calendar for the coming week. On Friday, we will have our first Casual for a Cause Dress Down Day for $1, with the proceeds benefiting the United Way.
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Title I Family Engagement Surveys

Please turn in all Title I Family Engagement Surveys to Mrs. Moree by Tuesday so they can be submitted to district office.

VBE Shoe Drive!!!

Coach B is at it again. We are doing a SHOE DRIVE to collect New and Used Shoes at VBE. We MUST collect 2,500 pairs in order to raise money. Please reach out to everyone and anyone you can to spread the word.
There are drop off bins on campus, they just need to pull up and place the shoes inside. Most families have at least 1 pair of shoes PER PERSON that they have grown out of or are out of style.
We are looking to get a portable karaoke machine and some e-gaming opportunities with the funds for PTA. Coach B was featured on the Bob Soos morning show on Thursday. The community is really looking now to support our transformation to an "A!!!" Keep the momentum going.


No School This Monday!!!

Take time and relax this Monday. Fill your cup with family love.

Tribe... this is not what we are about.

Ok Tribe. We need to be accountable to POSITIVE VIBES only. Please don't leave passive aggressive notes like this. We've all had those days where the copier jams and we lost track of time and have to rush out. Be sensitive. Love each other. If you notice a habit, please address it with administration and we will talk to grade level chairs or notate it in the Principals Press. Leaving these messages is just mean.
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Eric Jensen On Teaching Kids In Poverty - Brain-Based Learning

Please don't forget to embed some of the amazing engagement strategies from Eric Jensen's book, "Engaging Students With Poverty In Mind." We would love to highlight some strategies if you are utilizing them. Please let us know so we can document them.