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By : Jamia Humphrey♥♥♥

About Africa

Africa has different cultures , activities, foods, and holidays

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African History♥♥♥

The African continent has always inspired rest of the world with its unique culture and roots in human origin. It is believed that the word Africa is from ‘Afer’ and ‘Afri’, while some believe that it came from Afrigii and Afridi, supposed to be from ‘Afira’ meaning ‘to be dusty’ in Arabic. The present day English version comes from a term in Latin—Africanus. It was in ancient Africa that the subfamily and the genus Homo were found with only one surviving-- Homo sapiens. Archaeological research and genetical evidence also supports the theory that evolution of modern human species occurred in Africa. The Hominid family of species to which we belong, the Australopithecines, separated from the ancestors of modern chimpanzees between four and six million years ago