Kelsey Bermudes

Rudy project

Setting Goals😌

Academic goals: My academic goal is to focus on middle school first and plan ahead high school

Athletic goal: Is to play in a famous Volleyball team

Personal goal: Go straight to college and to have a career

Overcoming Obstacles:😲

Physical obstacles: haters can be jelouse and try to go against you

Family Obstacles: they will try to bring me down by saying you won't make it

School Obstacles: putting my school work before any extracurricular activities

Financial Obstacles: once I receive money I will use a little bit and save


Teacher/Couches: Mrs. Nisbet, and Mrs. McGowen

Relatives: Parents

Friends: Michelle and princess

Your personal action plans👍

Attitude plan: don't answer back and try to calm myself.

Education plan: study more and focus on the future.

Plan for Acquiring needed skills : collaborate with other teamates in school.

Plan for studying: don't party or go shopping with friends.