Come live in Athens

Athens, the nicest looking city in all of Greece!

Come to an Interesting City

The town has nice people and a nice looking city. Don't live in a boring field, come to the city. It is full of food. We have less laws then they do in Sparta. The city is near water so it is easy to get around. The city is great. You will love to live in houses and have access to food and drinks whenever you want.

Live Near the Sea

You will love Living near the sea. We have beautiful sights and you can trade. You can fish out on the sea. The economy is great. You can trade and get money. You do not have to pay a lot. You can be rich and get paid, if you live in sparta , all you can do is be a farmer.

What a Nice City To Live In!

Come on, you don't want to live in Sparta where everybody tells you what to do, you want to live in Athens where the government wants you have a say. We have lots of art. Come on, you know you want to come to Athens! We have events and marketplaces all around the city. We value education. We don't want you to be a farmer, we want you to be brilliant. There are schools all around town.