Timeline For S.P.A Land

By: Sayona Ambastha

Why are flag looks the way it does?

Are land , as you already know, stands for Stars.Please.Awnser. So we have alot of stars on our flag so that they can awnser all of our pleas!

Where our land is located?

Do you know where california is? Good! We are right next to california, at the end of the U.S borders, see you there!

Our History!

We have had a pretty small history, first stop WAR, as you know our land is all about peace, yet we have had one war, it was for peace for our land, and that was in 1896, Do You Know What A Cell Phone Is? Well we invented it! We even discovered energy, Here I something scary ! We had a tsunami flood over our beach! But the most important is when, millions of people flooded to S.P.A Land, to answer their pleas!