The six Traits of Writing

Samuel Stoner


  • Choose a topic that fits you and your paragraph.
  • Include details such as facts.
  • Excellent writing has a clear message, purpose, and focus.
  • Also writing includes many specific ideas.


  • A paragraph should be organized properly from begging too end.
  • Too organize you could highlight the topic green, the big ideas yellow, the tell me mores pink, and the conclusion green.

Six Traits of Writing for Stick People


  • The best writing reveals the writers voice.
  • Speaking in an engaging way makes the want more.

Word Choise

  • Good writing contains good word choice,specific nouns, and verbs.
  • If so you can use a thesaurus.

Sentence fluency

  • Sentence fluency includes smooth sentences.
  • If a sentence sounds choppy turn it in too longer sentences.


  • Writing is carefully edited and has good grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

The writing process

  • The writing process includes brainstorming ideas.
  • Writing about ideas witch is prewriting.
  • Composing rough draft.
  • Evaluation fixing stuff.
  • Revision adding more detail.
  • Editing fixing revisions.
  • Publishing sending final draft.

Write Tools

  • A T table is something for organizing your paragraph, the topic is green, the big ideas are yellow, and the details are pink.
  • The core four topic sentences are either numberstatment, question, simple-statement, and situation-stance.
  • In a paragraph big ideas need transitions.
  • In a paragraph you should have a topic, big ideas, details, and a conclusion.