Rachael M. Ali Library

May and June Newsletter

End of the Year Information

Please, return all books and materials to the library by Thursday, May 26.

Any test that is not removed from the testing box by June 15 will be discarded.

Feel free to borrow books or magazines to read over the summer. If you would like to borrow books over the summer fill out the form located where the calendar normally is.

We have been conducting an experiment this year concerning food in the library. There was a request from various people to have coffee available in the library. Sister and I decided to check and see how clean the students would keep the library. This was not an advertised experiment but rather naturalistic observation. They did very well. We did not have any major spills or disasters. This is something that Terre and I will continue to discuss over the summer.

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Statistics about the Library

The library staff has proctored 2,458 tests and quizzes as of April 29th.

Students have used the library 21,280 times over the course of the year. This does not account for students who are only printing. 2,790 of those uses were as part of a class. Thank you for bringing your classes to the library. That is 145 students per day.

Recommended Summer Reads

Thank You

Thank you to all of the people who have helped in the library this year.

Lunch duty: Anne Eanes, John Fiorelli, Mike DiGennaro, Melissa Olsen, Marlene Lang, Mary Johnston, Anne Smith, and Yvette Drzich.

After school: Ordner Taylor, William Eichenger, Charlene Puhl, Dale Freund, and Fran Corrigan

Summer Reading Challenge

The library will be running a summer reading challenge. Faculty and staff are welcome to participate. Participants can track what they are reading at the following link.


This site/app works like an online bulletin board. There is a free app for your iPad or smart phone. You do not need to create account because you are posting to an existing page. The directions for how to post are on the page. The only people who can post to the page are people who have gained access through the link or the QR code that is posted for students. I have to approve all submissions before they are fully posted. See me if you have any questions about using padlet or the reading challenge. The list below is the reading challenge.

o A book published this year

o A book you can finish in a day

o A book you’ve been meaning to read

o A book recommended by your local librarian or bookseller

o A book you should have read in school

o A book chosen for you by a sibling, parent, child, or BFF

o A book published before you were born

o A book that became a movie or TV show

o A book you previously abandoned

o A book that you own but have never read

o A book that intimidates you

o A book you’ve already read at least once

o A book that was a childhood favorite of a parent, grandparent, or teacher

o A book in a genre that you do not normally read

o A book about a different culture or race other than your own

June 1-August 31

One Last Thank You

Thank you to everyone here at Saint Mark's for remembering my family in your prayers over the past two weeks.