iPads in the Classroom

Morgan O'Dell

iPads for Teaching and Learning

Benefits of using iPads in the classroom

There are many benefits to using iPads in the classroom. Students are engaged and involved in their own learning while using iPads.
Benefits of iPad Use in the Classroom
iPads in Education?
iPads help connect learners with content in the classroom. All students learn differently and the iPad can reach all types of learners. It can also extend learning beyond the classroom.

Using iPads to accelerate learning for students with exceptionalities

Ashley Wainwright writes that iPads have been used to help with collaboration and engagement among students in the classroom. This article discusses the benefits of using iPads as a therapeutic device in the classroom, and at home, for students with special needs.

"According to Shelli Mendel-Koeppl, president of the Dayton Chapter of the Autism Society of America, there is a lot of buzz going around about the iPad in the autism community. In fact, the Dayton Chapter of the Autism Society considers the iPad such a valuable therapeutic tool that it offers grants to families for purchasing one."
"The emerging technology of choice for many parents and schools are the portable, hand held tablets, with the iPad leading the way with thousands of generic and tailor made Apps..... Specialised areas such as AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) are well catered for on the merging tablets, most particularly the iPad. AAC is a set of tools and strategies that help students with communication impairments with opportunities to express themselves; and understand language more fully."
Using iPads to improve academic gains for students with disabilities

Students with disabilities have a difficult time progressing in a normal classroom. By understanding what the students' needs are and choosing the correct technology to help support their learning, the teacher gives them the chance to succeed. iPads help the student to feel responsible for their own learning.

" Research has shown that using iPads in the classroom

does increase motivation. Part of this is due to the fact that iPads shift the control to the students."

Some students with physical disabilities are unable to comfortably use a textbook. The iPad or tablet is a great fit for all student to be able to touch and guide their learning. Technology is a great asset to use in the classroom for the students' benefit. They are able to access past lessons and assignments easily.
“The philosophy in my classroom is to have the highest expectations for students, in an area where expectations are traditionally low,” Virani said in an interview with VentureBeat. “We went from having virtually no academic instruction or curriculum to having any resource we wanted. Getting these tech tools has made all the difference. Each one of my students has made significant progress.”
Children learn when they are engaged. It is important that teachers are creative on how to keep their students actively engaged on what they are learning.

Apps for iPads to benefit all different learners

Proloquo2Go helps individuals who are unable to communicate be able to express themselves. iPads are truly a saving grace for many families.

Proloquo2Go in Action

Brody Griffin is a preteen diagnosed with Autism, Fragile X, ADHD, SPD, hearing and vision loss. His parents, Bubba and Wendy Griffin, wanted Brody to thrive as best as he could. In September 2015, Brody, his parents, and the volunteers at the Learning Tree, began his journey to be able to have a choice and communicate that choice. Proloquo2Go helped aide in this process.
Here is another example of Prologue2go being used:
This website shows where to purchase Proloquo2Go. It also shows the different features that this application offers. It is obvious that this app is very beneficial and worth the money.
Apple did a great job bringing awareness to Dillan's story to show that iPads are a great asset to any learner, if used properly.
Dillan’s Path
Dillan’s Voice
This website has seven apps that are great for students with reading disabilities. If students in your classroom have difficulty spelling, creating sentences, or comprehension, these apps are great for learning.
This app is great for babies and children with Autism.
This website has a list of apps compiled from parents, teachers, and specialists to bring awareness of the best applications for students.
Social Stories are very effective with students that need guidance when it comes to social interactions. Social Stories also help ease anxiety by helping children understand what to expect in unfamiliar situations.

Here is a list of more awesome apps for the classroom:

Star Fall
Spelling City
Learn Sight Words
Endless word Play
Endless Reader
ABC Mouse
Grammar Jammers
Story Bots
Slice Fractions
Bill Nye the Science Guy


A device that connects to your classroom iPad. It allows your students to play beyond the screen.
Osmo. Play Beyond the Screen.
Getting Started with Osmo - From Box to Play