The Boabab Tree

Andrew Vigil

About the Boabab Tree

The tree can be found across Africa, they can also be grown in Madagascar, India, Ceylon, and Australia. Some also grow in areas of Zimbabwe. They can grow up to 5-20 meters. Based on rescearch of the tree it is said to be that they can grow to be 3,00 years old. Unlike other trees it gives off a smooth and shiny look, the color of the tree can be a pinkish grey or a copper looking color. It is also called an "Upside-down Tree", the reason for that is because how the branches are coming out for the top, the branches look like if they were roots.

Threats and causes for endangerment.

One reason for this tree to be endangered is how people are cutting these trees down and are not taking their time to replace them. The trunks of the trees can be used to store water and the trunks can hold about 2376 gallons of water. The trees habitat has been known to go through droughts which damages the trees.

What can be done to help save the trees?

A group of people that called Practical Action help by collecting the seeds, raise awarness, and also encourage people to plant these trees. There are also reforestation projects going on in Madagascar.
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