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Thankfully, repeated backgrounds and floating gifs.

Bad Web Design Choices Businesses Continue to Make

Thankfully, repeated backgrounds and floating gifs in web design are pretty rare nowadays. It is 2015 after all. But there are still a number of mistakes that small businesses continue to make in their web design, and web design companies continue to keep quiet about their flawed use. Below are just a select few structural and visual mistakes that are holding small businesses back, in a place where they cannot afford it.

Colors and Complexity

This is a vague mistake that can be difficult to pin down. The travesty is that many brands use too many colors and too many details to flood the page with excessive quantity. Instead of providing all the answers and options, they only seek to overwhelm and lose a visitor. Visitors have a certain goal in mind when visiting a website, especially one based around a specific business or product. If they cannot find their answer almost immediately, they will click away. People are smart enough (and motivated enough) to just give up and know they have hundreds of other options (in some cases, Google has millions of options for them).

The exception to this rule is if the point of the website and brand is to be somewhat chaotic and flashy. For example, a landing page from an Iowa Web Design Company for a circus could use this strategy to wondrous effect.

What is the Goal?

Marketers will often hear an industry buzzword known as a call-to-action. Despite its simplicity, it is pivotal. If a visitor does not see a request to do something or an outline of what to do, they will back away. A call-to-action is a prompt towards an activity. Sign up for a newsletter. Receive a discount. Click on this link. These are all prompts for a user to respond. They are also helping to answer the question of what a visitor can gain from this resource. Information? Savings? Superior Service?

Some Des Moines Web Design is for pure entertainment, and that laid back casual approach strengthens their overall goal. ‘Click here, or not, it’s fine’ could explain their motto. Yet businesses do not have the luxury of being relaxed. Without conversions and prompts to respond, their business goes under. Tiller Web Design practices these strategies, and many others to respect the time of a visitor and to channel them towards action. Visit the full website at for all details.