Charly Sheen

Modern Day Tragic Hero

Qualities of a Tragic Hero

  1. Of Noble Birth
  2. Flawed
  3. Flaw leads to ultimate downfall
  4. Misfortune not completely deserved
  5. Self Discovery
  6. Audience not left in a state of depression

Charley Sheen as a Modern Day Tragic Hero

Greatness: Charley Sheen was a big guy in on the TV. He has made over 40 movies and 2 tv shows. His old most favorited series Two and a Half Men was his popular show. He mad about 1 million dollars every episode and there he was on the show for 12 years and was released from it 3 years ago.

Tragic Flaw: charley sheen was kicked off the show two and a half men because of doing drugs and not going through rehab all the way.

Downfall: charley sheen did have a down fall but not for very long after he got fired from two and a half men for doing drugs, in Colorado he was arrested because he pulled out a knife on Mueller. The show shut down for a couple weeks.

The Heros Fall is not Pure lost: a couple years ago Charley sheen was a main character in the show angermanagement, so he was putting his life back together he is now off drugs and is to remember.