The Taming of the Shrew

Jaycee Breeze

Some Differences

Heath Ledger plays a high school boy named Patrick Verona. He is the schools “bad boy” who everyone is afraid of. In the movie he was bribed with money to take Kat out on a date because her sister wants to go out, but her older sister has to first. The boy tries to become the guy of her dreams. He wants Kat to fall for him. In the book Petruchio automatically shows how he will fight back with her. He keeps her locked up in the house and starves her. He says that the food is not worthy of her and he convinces her that she’s better off this way. The director made these changes because the book takes place in a different time than the movie, so the things that happen in the book would not be acceptable in the modern life. These changes are required so the story will be realistic.

Petruchio abuses his wife. Never hitting her but uses humiliation, sleep deprivation, and starves her. In the modern version it is teenagers that go to school and in this time they do not get married immediately. The modern version would not work the same because of the way we do things. This impacted the story because certain events were left out completely or changed in entirely. For example; in the book Petruchio and Kate attend a wedding banquet the shows that he has “tamed the shrew”, however in the movie they went to a party because her sister never gets married in the movie. This shows the different plots because Kat is not tamed at the party, she actually is more wild. Verona is never trying to “tame” Kat or hurt her in any way. He fell in love with her even though it started as a bribe. Petruchio convinces Kate while he was torturing her that he does it because he loves her. These differences keep the movie modern and makes 10 Things I Hate About You more of a true romance.

10 Things I Hate About You. (poem)


In this scene Kat reads her poem out to the class. I think that this connects with the original text the most because she says how she doesn't hate him at all. In the book Kate feels like he loves her, she doesn't see what is happening to her. During this scene you can tell how similar the characters are. Kat does not get neglected in any way by Verona, but she is still publicly humiliated and in the same way as Kate does in the book, she blames herself. This affects the story because it shows how Kat has an emotional side and she is not the "shrew" or uptight feminist that she is portrayed to be.
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Video 2 4:05

This shows how Petruchio treats Kate and how she is forced into this relationship. The next video is how Verona is not using force to be with Kat but his charm.
10 Things I Hate About You: Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Heath Ledger)