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Washington DC is the site of many historical events and items; the Lincoln Memorial, the Civil Rights march of '63, and the Washington Monument to just name a few.

George would be proud.

The lawn can be visited at anytime. It's a great tourist destination and is a great place to take your children our class for a fun filled field trip.

Photos of Washington DC:

Guaranteed to be a historical trip.

The embodiment of the Japanese-Americans of WWII

Golden Cranes;

A beautiful monument, born from prejudice and racism. In Washington DC, a monument nicknamed the Golden Cranes was erected in 2000. The monument represents Japanese-American war involvement, Japanese-American veterans and patriotism. One of these featured veteran units is the 442nd RCT.

The 442nd RCT's motto was "Go For Broke." Though known as the 442nd, the name of the unit was later changed to the 100th Infanrtry Battalion. Another featured branch is the Military Intelligence Service. In WWII, 30,000 Japanese-Americans served. Over 800 of them never returned home. The Memorial to Japanese-American Patriotism in World War II monument was built to honor them. Engraved on the monument are the names of those KIA and other quotes from people such as US president Harry Truman. The Golden Cranes was created by Japanese-American Nina Akamu, and Davis Buckley.

The monument is two Japanese cranes trapped under barbed wire. The representation of the cranes' position is their single desire for freedom, causing them to unite as one, pushing skywards like angels. Their position also represents Yin and Yang. The monument is made of green Vermont marble. Akamu was influenced by multiple sources to build this including her time in Pietrasanta.

During 1966-1969, Akamu lived in Japan. While she was there, she was greatly influenced by the art and culture. After receiving her BFA from the Maryland Institute of Art, she moved to Florence, Italy for 5 years. After that 5 years, she moved to Pietrasanta with her mentor for 7 years. After leaving Pietrasanta, a monument to PFC Sadao Munemori was erected close to where she had lived a few years later. This monument was one of a kind, and would prove to be a great inspiration for her beautiful monument. The Golden Cranes is the embodiment of Japanese-Americans of World War II. They rose with a single desire for freedom and equality, and prevailed. Even through times of prejudice and unfairness, the Japanese-Americans remained loyal to their country, the exact reason why this monument was created.

This is Washington DC.

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