Greenwich Free Library

January Newsletter

Putting more Free in the Greenwich Free Library

As the result of discussions I have had with local organizations, other libraries and our board of trustees, the Greenwich Free Library is trying out new policies to keep money from coming between our services and our patrons.

In November, we uncoupled computer privileges from late fees. When we really thought about how necessary computer access is to people looking for jobs, paying bills, dealing with agencies etc., we decided it ran counter to our service mission to block people's access because they returned some DVD's late.

Starting in January of 2016, we will stop charging new late fees. Old fines will still need to be payed and replacement costs for lost items will still be charged. Books, CD's and DVD's will still have due dates, we are just relying on our patrons to bring them back on time - which most already do - without the threat of fines. In July, we will take a look to see if there have been drastic changes to return rates. At that time, the Board of Trustees will decide whether to continue the policy.

How will this affect you at the desk? Not much. The Polaris system will simply not register new fines. Replacement costs and old fines will still be on your record and need to be cleared up as usual. You will still get reminder notices when your items are late. There will be notices up explaining the policy changes. Please feel free to ask volunteers and staff if you have questions.

Going fineless is an idea that not everyone on either the staff or board is totally excited about. That is why were are implementing it as an experiment. I see it as an opportunity to make our library more welcoming to those in our community for whom the fines on a bagful of late children's books or a couple of DVD's mean they are locked out. I don't think anybody should be locked out of the library for that. -Annie

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Welcome to Wireless printing

Also new in 2016, we will be offering wireless printing - Black and White only. Instead of having to email things to themselves and get on one of our computers to print, patrons can send an email directly to the printer under the circulation desk. The email and the attachments will all print. The cost is 20 cents per page. Starting on January 1st, there will be a flyer on the front desk with the email address for the printer and a list of the kinds of attachments that will print.

In January, Hannaford Helps the Greenwich Free Library

It’s officially the start of the New Year! What a great way to share in the joy by supporting the Greenwich Free Library It’s simple, practical and fun! Just purchase the blue “Hannaford Helps” Reusable bag at the Greenwich store in January! With each purchased bag generating a $1.00 donation for the Greenwich Free Library, that’s like 2 gifts in one!

As the month continues, we invite YOU to post pictures of yourself or friends/family/pets with your blue “Hannaford Helps” Reusable Bags to our Facebook page - GreenwichFreeLibrary We hope to inspire more bag purchases which will generate more donations for the library PLUS help reduce plastic bag use in our community!

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Shopping Online with Amazon Smile

Of course shopping local is best but, if you're going to shop on Amazon, please go through the Amazon Smile portal and choose Greenwich Free Library as the recipient. It costs you nothing and Amazon donates a percentage of your purchase to us. Win/Win