EC and LD Weekly Update

St. Richard's Episcopal School ~ 5 October 2015

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Student Spotlight

For the love of reading, Ms. Napier's students become engrossed during library time.


1. Making the Most of Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher conferences offer great opportunities to deepen your working relationship with our parents and students. As you highlight students' strengths, discuss academic or social concerns and share information about child development, parents see you as an ally and themselves as partners in their child's education. Preplanning for conferences will help you to make the most of these great opportunities. Here are a few tips for successful conferences:

Make an Outline and Gather Materials

A. Offer Conversation Starters (What does Sam like about school? To do at home? What would you like to see Sam accomplish this year?)

B. Share Examples of the Student's Work

C. Highlight Strengths

D. Address 1-2 Concerns

E. End on a Positive Note

Be Prepared for Surprises from Parents (Family struggles/illness, concerns about the child's progress from this year or last, etc.)

A. Listen with Empathy

B. Focus on the Child

C. Speak Supportively of Your Current and Former Colleagues

D. Invite Suzann or me to attend if you believe the conference could be a tough one

2. Professional Development Day - Wed., Oct. 21

Our next professional development day is scheduled for Wed., Oct. 21 and proves to be a full day of the 3 Gs. Specific PD day rotations and meeting times will be sent to you within the coming weeks. Nonetheless, faculty members can anticipate completing the following by day's end on Oct. 21.

* ISACS Team Report Updates

* CPR/First Aid Proficiency Assessments

* Flu Shot Immunization

3. Fire Drill Feedback and Reminders

Thank you so much for your flexibility in the day and time change of our September fire drill. Special thanks to the PK and JK teachers for quickly waking their wee ones and shepherding them to designated areas of safety. We will avoid nap time for future drills whenever possible. Additionally, as we continue to get into the evacuation groove, I ask that all teachers please remind your cherubs to exit and enter the building quietly.

4. Food Allergies

I will place a friendly reminder in my 'Greet the Week' message to parents next week, however, please be sure to double check ingredient lists for snacks that parents donate to ensure that they do not contain nut products, oils or other ingredients to which your students may be allergic. Thank you! :)

5. FEVER Spirit

As you may have seen in today's EFF, the Fever basketball team has advanced to the Final Four! Therefore, next Thursday, Oct. 8 we will celebrate the Fever by encouraging students to wear Fever spirit wear or red and green to celebrate the Fever and our student athletes competing in the IISL tournament.

6. Large Colored Paper Rolls Relocation

Dear Friends, a request to relocate the large colored paper rolls (located upstairs and across the hall from Mark P.'s office) has been made. If you have any suggestions/preferences as to were the paper may be relocated, please let me know. Thank you! :)

Good luck with parent teacher conferences!


Kris :)