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Trinity Lutheran School Weekly Newsletter

From Mr. Klug:

I am excited to be back with our students this week. I know it is an anxious time, but know we will care for and love our students. We will work to protect them each day they are with us. The teachers are excited to see them after 5 months away. The theme for the year is a special one.

ANCHORED in HOPE is the theme for this school year.

HOPE is an important word in the world we are currently living. It may seem that we are living a life where all HOPE is gone, but in the words of our theme verse, Hebrews 6:19, "We have this hope as and anchor for the soul is not anchored to the bottom of the sea. It is anchored in the confidence of our future guaranteed salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This is not the HOPE that we use when we wish something will happen, but a confidence of certainity. This is something that is necessary today, confidence amongst all of the unknown in a world where what once was normal is no longer normal.

Our ANCHOR is in Heaven. It is guaranteed, we have a HOPE unlike any other in the world. Our HOPE in HIM all day, every day.

This school year we pray for God's hand upon us both physically and spiritually. We pray that the world does not weaken our faith to the point we lose the HOPE that is founded on our salvation.

What To Expect This School Year

Opening Plea

Please be responsible to each other this year. If you are sick, stay home. If you have symptoms, stay home. If you are uncertain, please use an abundance of caution before you decide to send your child to school. If you travel, please plan to stay home for a few days upon return. The extra caution each family takes will allow us to stay open this year. While we are exercising an abundance of caution at school, please do likewise at home too.


In the morning all K-8 Students will be dropped off at the school entrance on the west side of the building by the playground. All preschool students will enter through the Parish Hall entrance on the south side of the building.

What to expect when you enter school

Students will be helped out of the car by one of two patrol students and wait to have a screening. The floor is marked with physically distance markers in the hallway. Preschool students will do the same from the Parish Hall entrance.


This summer we had a bit of work done in the classrooms. The teachers are putting the finishing touches on their rooms due to some last minute construction finishes. They are doing a great job getting them ready for our students. See if you can find your classroom.

Lunchroom and Water Breaks

This year lunch will be a little different. Students will be spread out more at tables and in the lunchroom and extended care rooms. The classes will be alternated in location in order to make sure that we are cleaning and sanitizing the tables between uses.

For water breaks students will need a water bottle. We will utilize the bottle filler portion of the fountains. The regular function has been disabled in order to keep students from using. Please send a water bottle with your child.


Each day we will dismiss from two locations. If you are picking your child up during car line there are two locations for pickup. One group from the Parish Hall on the south side of the building and the other from the School Entrance on the west side of the building. Families are assigned to one of the following below. Please be patient as this is new to us, and will probably take a little time to get used to. Also please drive safely to protect our children.

School Entrance/Gym dismissal families by LAST NAME of CHILD:

Abitogun, Adams, Baker, Barrow, Bennett, Benning, Biggs, Bodine, Boehm, Bonnett, Boyer, Bruley, Bush-King, Caruso, Clapp, Clemmer, Cox, Daniel, Davis, Davison, DeLong, Doad, Dunne, Dust, Ealey, Eck/Grimm, Ferdina, Filipak, Friday, Germeraad, Golladay, Good, Gottschalk, Gregg, Grillot, Guyton, Guzman, Hand, Haley, Hatcher, Hemenway, Herren, Hickey, Hollenback, Homeier, Hosea, Hudson, Isom, McCulley

Parish Hall Entrance dismissal families by LAST NAME of CHILD:

Coffin, J Johnson, N Johnson, Judd, Keating, O/A Klug, J Klug, Kreis, Lascelles, Lin, Madure, Matzat, Mauer, McCormick, McGee, Meats, Meredith, Minder, Moore, Muchow, Nickols, Noble, Norton, Nowack, Opperman, Parson, Patridge, Patton, Payne, Rescot, Richardson, Rodenburg, Rogers, Sauer, Shamblin, Simmons, Stone, Tripp, Trower, Underwood, Walker, Wanless, Watson, West, Whitehead, Wilds, Williams, Woody, Zandonadi

Remember to use the south entrance by the hometown pantry to enter the parking lot. Carline will split when you reach the building by the black gate, with the Parish Hall families turning right.


Remember that students in Kindergarten-8th Grade are now to follow the uniform dress code. We have planned dress down/spirit days. The first will be Friday September 4. It will be FAVORITE SPORTS DAY. Students may dress in a manner that represents their favorite sport or team.

Air Conditioning

We are thrilled that we will have air conditioning (portable units) in every classroom this fall. While all of the units are not in yet, they have been ordered and should be on their way to Trinity. In the mean time, we will utilize air conditioned spaces throughout the building as necessary and have brought in a few smaller units to help cool classrooms. We are thankful for the continued dedication from the members of Trinity for their support of this project.

Other Classroom Improvements

All of the K-8 classrooms have had new electric added to support the air conditioning along with extra outlets to help us with modern electronics in the classroom. Each room has been equipped with a 70 inch television to allow the teachers to Cast their materials to the classroom, through wireless means, along with providing the ability to better utilize streaming services.

The rooms have also been outfitted with new whiteboards. These have been handcrafted to fit over the older chalkboards. (See the pictures above for these items.)

Extended Care

Extended care is available most days. This will start Friday August 21. Pick-up for extended care will take place outside. Any entry into the building requires face masks for all people. Extended care runs until 5:30 each day. Before care is available each morning starting at 7:00am, and each child will have to be screened before entry.


All Lunches are $3.00





Friday: Cheese Pizza, Vegetables, Fruit, Milk


Parents will receive a username and password soon. All communication with teachers will be done via email. As we use Sycamore, please check your SPAM folder for mail from school. Also if you are not receiving email please let the office or Mr. Klug know. We will check to make sure that addresses are not entered/transferred incorrectly.
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