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Natural Born Leader

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Mel Steele of Boston: Natural Leader

Mel Steele of Boston is a natural leader who took his leadership skills from a job as a police officer in his hometown to running his own personal protection company, Red Lions LLC. Steele worked for the Youth Violence Strike Force in Boston, a special unit within the Boston Police that was dedicated to combating the influence of gangs in some of Boston’s toughest neighborhoods. Steele came from a neighborhood, Mattapan that was known for its high rate of gang-related illegal activities. Steele says that every corner in his old neighborhood was controlled by a different gang, and it was difficult as a child to keep away from them. Steele became a police officer in part to help combat the recruitment of children into violent gangs.

Mel Steele of Boston quickly showed his leadership qualities when he was a high school student. He attended Westwood High School in Westwood, a suburb of Boston. Steele was able to attend Westwood because of the METCO program, which bused inner city kids to suburban schools. Steele says that he is grateful to his mother for signing him up for the program. METCO was also an early example of the city government doing good work affecting his life, something that doesn’t happen for many kids growing up in Boston’s inner city neighborhoods. Steele took advantage of the opportunity and graduated from Westwood High and earned an academic scholarship to play football for the University of Delaware. Steele was the captain of the football team and the lacrosse team during his time at Westwood.

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Mel Steele of Boston: Trusted by Clients

Mel Steele of Boston is trusted by clients at 1st Armor Personal Protection and Security because of his extensive experience and skill in the art of personal protection and security. After twelve years as a police officer in Boston handling some of the most dangerous gang-related cases in the city as a part of the city’s Youth Violence Strike Force, or the Gang Unit, Steele moved on to private security. Steele grew up in a neighborhood in Boston that was known for its high gang activity, Mattapan. He says that when he was growing up, it was all his mother could do to keep him away from the gangs on every corner.

Mel Steele of Boston was known for his professional manner when communicating and connecting with the communities he tried to protect as a police officer. Steele emphasized communication with the communities he came in contact with as a member of the Gang Unit. He routinely worked with community leaders to help keep kids out of the streets and the tempting brotherhood that gangs provide. Steele made an effort to get at the root causes of gang violence and crime in the roughest neighborhoods in Boston.

Mel Steele of Boston took several formal classes to fill out his skills as a police officer and later as a security guard. Some of the courses he took include Community Policing, Active Shooter, and Weapons of Mass Destruction. These courses meshed with his policing style and his way of handling dangerous situations perfectly, leading to his prowess as a security officer.

Mel Steele of Boston - Right Man for the Job

Mel Steele of Boston was the right man for the job of Chief Administrator for the private security firm 1st Armor Personal Protection and Security. A Boston-based company, 1st Armor provides a full suite of security services to all individuals. From bodyguards to private investigators, 1st Armor has a host of security professionals waiting to help protect people in the Boston area.

Mel Steele of Boston was a perfect candidate to run administration for the company because of his long history of dealing with potentially violent situations. Steele grew up in Mattapan, in Boston, and he says that his early years were mostly spent trying to avoid being recruited into one of the many street gangs that controlled the area.

His mother signed him up for the METCO program, which placed kids in dangerous neighborhoods in Boston in safer schools in the suburbs. After a few tumultuous years at James P. Timilty Middle School, Steele moved on via the METCO program to enroll at Westwood High School in a nearby Boston suburb. Steele says that the experience changed his life. He quickly excelled, becoming the captain of the football and lacrosse teams.

After earning his Sociology degree from the University of Delaware, he spent some time as a youth counselor in a prison. He then turned that experience into a long career as a police officer. After twelve years on the Youth Violence Strike Force, a citywide unit recruited to lessen gang-influence on various parts of the city, Mel Steele of Boston turned to the private industry. He has worked well for 1st Armor and now dreams of one day starting his own private security firm.

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Four Must-Haves for Every Personal Protection Specialist

With the rising risks celebrities and high profile personalities face each day, the need for highly trained and skilled personal protection specialists are in demand. There are several things you will need to look for when hiring a personal protection specialist. While most personal protection agents are highly skilled, it is important you check if they are qualified in these four areas.

Driving Skills

Every personal protection agent needs to have excellent driving skills. He should have a valid drivers’ license and should have defensive driving skills. He should be able to drive professionally to save property, lives and money during a crisis. He should have some professional defensive driving training from the National Safety Council’s Defensive Driving Course, or from some other training agency.


The personal protection executive you hire should be in very good health. He should not be a person with frequent health problems. Though having huge muscles might not be required, he should be extremely fit. He should be someone who trains physically and has a well-built body.

Ability to Handle Firearms

Sometimes, the use of firearms might be warranted to protect your life. Your personal protection specialist should be skilled in the use of various firearms. Most personal protection specialists have undergone extensive military training and are extremely good at handling different firearms. He should also be skilled in handling other types of protective weapons.

Martial Arts

Sometimes the use of firearms may not be required, so a personal protective specialist should be trained and skilled in martial arts. Martial arts is one of the skills that can save your life. Make sure your personal protection agent is well trained in martial arts.

Mel Steele of Boston is a certified personal protection specialist and is skilled in the use of firearms. He trained at the indoor and outdoor range at the Braintree Pistol and Rifle Club in Braintree, MA.

Important Weightlifting Techniques

Most people who go to the gym to workout have some understanding of what they need to do. However, being effective in what you do, especially if you are into weightlifting, requires proper knowledge of proper position and techniques. Here are a couple of weight lifting techniques you can incorporate into your workout and see great results.

Squat Technique

The barbell back squat is the most common lift, but often it is performed incorrectly. Some of the common problems with this lift is the insufficient depth, inward knee collapse and rounded back. To fix this problem, you can work on the goblet squat. Take a dumbbell and hold it in front of your chest, elbows pointing towards the floor and slowly squat keeping your chest up. When you squat, make sure your hip crease is below your knee crease and your elbows in between your thighs. Lean your torso slightly forward to maintain your balance and keep your back straight and tight.

Hip Hinge Technique

The hip hinge is important for deadlifts, Russian kettlebell swings, and Olympic lifts. To perfect this move use this technique. Stand with your feet spread about 10 inches apart. Place one hand on your stomach and the other on your low back, with your knees, bent lightly, bow forward and push your hips back. You will feel the tension in your hamstrings. Keep your chest out and tighten your core. This technique will help you perfect the hip hinge move.

Mel Steele Boston is an experienced personal protection specialist with over 12 years’ experience in security and law enforcement. Steele loves weightlifting and works out regularly at the gym.

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Communication and Writing Skills in Security

Red Lions LLC emphasizes the importance of good communication skills in security agents, especially good writing skills. Report writing is one of the most important aspects of a security officer’s job. The written document detailing an incident or the performance of duties should clearly and briefly enunciate the information and facts about any given situation. It should be written so that someone not present can clearly understand the events that took place.

The W’s of communication are vital, including: Who-the names of all individuals involved, What was involved in the incident, as well as the what identifying the nature of the event and actions taken, When the event began with dates and times, and Where-describing and identifying the exact area of the event, as well as where witnesses were in relation to the event. The why and how explains the officer’s involvement and response, and the conditions in which something was found. The field notebook should contain notes on all events during his or her shift, and should be complete, clear and accurate.

Field notes are vital should the incident become a court case, where the notes will serve as a reminder of the incident. Dates, times, locations, license plates, descriptions, sequence of events, names and addresses, and follow up reminders should all be extant. Mel Steele of Boston has the background and experience in law enforcement to understand the vital nature of good writing skills, and his personal and corporate protection personnel are chosen to reflect their own skills in this area.

An Ongoing Pattern of Career Education

Mel Steele of Boston completed the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives course in firearms identification, enabling students to identify a firearm as a piece of evidence for court or provide unique identifying information so the weapon can be traced. Mel Steele also took part in a community policing course providing participants with a basic awareness and understanding of the fundamental principles and best practices of community policing. The course explores the issues and challenges facing today’s law enforcement professionals and their communities, according to the Department of Justice website.

Steele enrolled in and completed the Incident Command course designed to meet all-hazard, all-agency National Incident Management System requirements for operational personnel. The goal was to familiarize responders with how Incident Command System (ICS) principles are used to manage incidents. Mel learned to coordinate with response partners from all levels of government and the private sector. Mel participated as well in crowd management courses, where crowd managers must take into account all the elements of an event, characteristics of the facility, size and demeanor of the crowd, methods of entrance, communications, crowd control, roles of parties involved in an event, the quality of the advance intelligence, and the effectiveness of the planning process. Mel Steele Boston was an emergency responder during the Boston Marathon bombing attack, and studies response techniques to special events and attacks which require the ability to remain cool and collected in the face of high stress.

Mel Steele of Boston - What Every Personal Protection Executive Should Have

Mel Steele of Boston is an experienced personal protection specialist with over 12 years’ experience in law enforcement. He is an individual who has been through a lot in life and has learned to persevere through adversity. His mother always motivated him and has been an inspiration in his life, and he owes his success in life to her.

Steele studied at the Westwood High School before moving to the University of Delaware on a full athlete scholarship where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. Following his graduation, he entered law enforcement and worked hard to help troubled youth in the city. Mel Steele moved to the private security industry and works as the Chief Operating Officer at 1st Armor Protection Services in Boston. Here are some important qualities every personal protection executive should possess.

Communication Skills
Every potential personal protection executive should have excellent communication skills. As a personal protection executive, you will need to interact with people, and you should have professional communication skills. You should be able to communicate eloquently, confidently and eloquently.

Experience and Training
Experience in law enforcement and training in various related fields are important for every personal protection executive. Military, police and other security training are mandatory, and experience on the job will be an added advantage. Personal protection executives should have extensive training in handling firearms, and also in crowd management.

Driving Skills

As a personal protection executive, you should have a valid license and should be competent in driving a variety of vehicles. You should have defensive driving skills and you should be able to drive to save lives and property during a crisis. You might want to undertake the National Safety Council’s Defensive Driving Course, or any other certified driving course.

Firearms Training
Every personal protection executive should be trained to handle different firearms, as you could be required to use firearms on the job. Most personal protection executives have either police or military training and are trained in the use of various firearms. However, you will need to ensure you hold a valid firearm license for the firearms in your possession on the job.

Physical Fitness
Physical fitness is of prime importance and cannot be overlooked. You will have to make sure you are physically fit and be in good health if you want to be a personal protection executive. Though you do not necessarily need to have huge muscles, you will need to be extremely fit.

Mel Steele Of Boston is the Chief Operating Officer at 1st Armor Protection Services, a private security firm in Boston.
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Mel Steele of Boston: Ardent NLF Fan

Mel Steele grew up in the Mattapan section of Boston and studied at the Westwood High School. Steele’s love for football started early when he was in high school. He joined the football team and quickly became a star player. His success was not just in football, but also in academics, as he focused his attention to excel in class and on the field. He has a good understanding of the game, and NFL is his passion. Mel Steele of Boston offers these tips for those attending their first NFL game.

Getting Your Tickets

The first thing to do is get yourself a ticket, or better still get a season ticket. You can get season tickets at several places such as the NFL Ticket Exchange, StubHub, and Ticketmaster. Though tickets on StubHub might cost a bit more, you will have the opportunity to choose your seats in the stadium. Remember it might be a good thing to sit together with your home team fans, and not in the opposing fans section.

Getting to the Stadium

Leave early so that you get to the stadium in time for the game. If you leave late, you will find yourself stuck in traffic and missing part of the game. If this is your first NFL match, you do not want to miss the kickoff, so plan to get to the stadium, and to your seat at least five minutes before kickoff. The experience of being at an NFL game for the first time is truly special, so make sure you leave early.

Stadium Security

Every stadium has tight security for all the games, so you will need to be ready to pass through the security personnel at the gate. If you have decided to carry your team blanket along, you will need to unfold it at the gate. If you are wearing a jacket, you will have to unzip it and identify items in your bag and pocket.

Mel Steele of Boston is an ardent NFL fan and closely watches all the games.

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Mel Steele of Boston - How to Include Physical Fitness Into Your Day-To-Day Life

Mel Steele of Boston is an experienced personal protection executive who has been in law enforcement for over 12 years. Steele grew up in Boston and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from the University of Delaware. After graduating from university, Mel Steele started working at the New Castle County Detention Center in Delaware before moving over to join the Police Department in Boston. Steele has always been interested in sports and physical fitness. He regularly works out and lifts weights to help maintain a strong muscular body. Here are some tips you can use to include physical fitness into your day-to-day life.

At Home

It does not take much to get started with staying fit, and once you get started, you can slowly build on your daily routine. Here’s what you can do at home.

  • Take a ten-minute brisk walk or ride your bike around the neighborhood. This is a good way to get started and give your body the cardio-workout it deserves. Start with a ten-minute routine and increase it to 30-minutes over the next two weeks.

  • If you have a lawn, you might want to use the weekend to mow the lawn and get some exercise. Mowing your lawn is a good reason to get off the couch and give your lawn a nice clean look. While you are mowing the lawn, you might want to include raking the leaves as well.

  • Another simple physical activity you can do at home is washing the car. It will take you at least one hour to wash and shine your car, and the number of times you will have to stand up straight, squat, and bend over while washing your car will give you enough physical exercise to get your heartbeat going.

  • Mel Steele of Boston believes staying physically fit is important if you want to enjoy life.

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    Mel Steele of Boston - The Importance of Physical Fitness in the Personal Protection Industry

    Mel Steele Boston is the Chief Operating Officer at 1st Armor Protection Services in Boston. After an illustrious career with law enforcement, Mel moved over to the private security industry. One of the prerequisites of those wanting to build a career in the personal protection industry is that they need to be physically fit. Mel Steele grew up in Boston and has been playing sports and working out to maintain a well-built body.

    While it is important to have the right training in the latest security technology, driving, and the use of firearms, it is useless if the personal protection executive is not physically fit. Many people find it difficult to take the time to work out at the gym, but in the security industry, there are no shortcuts and every personal protection executive needs to have a muscular, well-built body.

    Any detail you are on as a personal protection executive will require you to be on your feet, getting in and out of cars, walking, and carrying firearms and possibly protective body armor. If you are required to engage in close-quarter combat with an attacker, you will need to have the strength and agility to move quickly and overpower your assailant and protect your client. Doing this requires that you spend time exercising on a regular basis.

    You will need to make sure that you are physically fit and have the necessary skills to safeguard your client at all times. Mel Steele was a police officer for 12 years in Boston, and makes sure he regularly works out.


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