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January Newsletter

The Spring Semester is Here!

The spring semester is always a busy, chaotic time (it's also a lot of fun), so read on for information you need to help get your student started off on the right foot!

Advising/Registration Information

Schedule Change Deadlines

  • 1/25 Last day to drop a class without a W
  • 2/25 Last day to drop a class with a W
  • 1/22 Last day to drop a Dual Enrollment class without a W
  • 2/15 Last day to drop a Dual Enrollment class with a W

Spring Semester Art Course Fees

Though the school eliminated additional fees for art courses several years ago in an effort to reduce the financial burden facing families, these fees have to be reinstated to maintain the services provided students through these courses. Each of the courses with an associated fee often produces tangible products students get to keep. All of the courses consume supplies and the costs of those supplies are significant. Therefore, all students enrolled in any course with an AR prefix will have to pay $25 per course, per semester up to a maximum of three courses, beginning with the Spring 2013 semester. These fees will also be in effect for next school year (2013-14).

Please remember that the art fees are not subject to fee reductions or waivers.

Payment of fees is due following the add date for each semester. Once the add date passes, students will have until the date to drop a course without a “W” to pay the fee. If the fee is not paid by that date, the student will be dropped from the course. Payments should be sent directly to the Business Office.

Important Semester Dates

Required Activities/Events

  • 1/22 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Assembly at 4pm in Treen Auditorium
  • 4/22-4/27 Blue and Gold Week
  • 5/16-5/22 Special Projects Week
  • 5/24 Senior Recognition Ceremony
  • 5/25 Graduation

Extendend Weekend/Early Dismissal Dates

  • 2/8 Dismiss at 1pm for Mardi Gras Break
  • 3/7 Dismiss at 1pm for Extended Weekend
  • 3/28 Dismiss at 1pm for Spring Break
  • 5/3 Dismiss at 1pm for Extended Weekend

Testing Dates

  • 3/19 PLAN and ACT administration for sophomores and juniors
  • 5/9-5/14 Final Exams
  • 5/15 End of Course Testing

Counseling Corner

What is the FAFSA?

Tax season is also FAFSA season for senior parents. The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is used to apply for federal financial aid. It is also the recommended way to apply for TOPS.

For additional information on FAFSA and the Financial Aid process, check out this guide to financial aid by Student Advisor.

Counseling Center Statistics

  • 99% = the percentage of seniors who have completed at least one college application
  • 563 = the number applications were processed by the Counseling Center as of 1/1
  • 109 = the number of college acceptances
  • 5.74 = the average number of completed college applications per senior