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January 19th

Principal's Notes and Highlights

Happy Friday!

A Hill Named Jaws

We asked families on Facebook to share what their students were doing on the snow day this past Friday. You posted some great photos!

I got to thinking about one of my favorite childhood memories of dealing with winter weather. It involves a hill called Jaws. I did not come up with this name. Rather, someone had spray painted it directly on the road. In my opinion, that's about as official as it gets. At the time I didn't understand the meaning of the name, but after my story you'll understand how it earned the name.

My dad drove a school bus when I was growing up. He still drives a school bus for the Franklin Community School Corporation. We lived on a small farm in the southwest corner of Johnson County. One of the "perks" of your dad driving the bus was being the first one on and the last one off. Another benefit my dad took full advantage of was having me ride the bus to school when I made poor choices in high school. Not cool.

His bus route was all country roads. After we got on the bus, he had to drive fifteen minutes before the next child was picked up. Between our houses stood the hill. I don't know how steep the incline was, but it took everything an old school bus could handle in good weather. About halfway up the hill the road curved left and then back right. All of it was an incline until you reached Jared's house. Jared was my best friend growing up. Jaws was the only way up to Jared's house within a 15 minute drive. The toughest part was that the school bus had to take a ninety degree right turn to start the ascent up the hill. This required a three point turn every time. So as you can guess, there was no way to get up the hill without a running start.

When the weather was bad due to snow or ice, dad drove right on past the turn for about a half a mile. He would then turn around in someone's driveway and park the bus in the middle of the road. The three of us (I have a younger brother and a twin sister) were told to sit down and hang on. Dad would make sure no cars were on the road, go through his final departure checklist and then he slammed on the gas. I can still remember cheering him on as he barreled down that old country road.

We rarely made it up Jaws on those icy days. Once the road snaked left, the bus would slide and lose momentum. It would be a slow slide back into the ditch. We would quietly cheer what would be a delayed arrival to school. Jared's parents would walk him down to the bus and we would play until another bus arrived for my dad to take us the long way back to school. That hill swallowed up school buses and any other vehicle who dared attempt the climb. Thus, it was named Jaws.

I'm hoping we are done with snow days and on to making spring time memories!

Have a great weekend,


Updates and Upcoming Events

  • The EBL Playoffs begin next Monday! We play the Parkside Pirates. The games will be held at Mt. Healthy Elementary with the girl's game starting at 5:30 p.m. Good luck Huskies!
  • The Book Fair will be the week of February 5th through the 8th. The theme is "Surf into Reading". You'll be receiving information next week about parent-teacher conferences that are also held that week.
  • Playground equipment was purchased this past month by BCSC! We will know in the near future what the schedule will be for construction.
  • CSA Lincoln and CSA Fodrea now have a employment posting on the BCSC website for Elementary Counselor Administrative Assistant. This individual will work closely with our school counselor, Alisha Thompson, to help her with many of her administrative duties. Those interested should apply online! Please share this with anyone you feel might be interested in the position. You can also contact me if you have further questions.

CSA Lincoln Above and Beyond Winners

Mr. Shipley announced our school's winners of the Above and Beyond Award for cheerleading and both basketball teams. This award is given to one student from each sport that exemplifies what it means to be a student-athlete. The coaches, teachers, athletic director and myself collectively look at candidates. This year's winners were Sophia Thomas, Adisyn Ross and Phillip McKinley. They will be recognized at Super Saturday. Mrs. Goggin has created a really neat display downstairs by the library of each student-athlete. In addition, classmates of the representatives wrote about why they felt each student was deserving. I have included photos of their letters. Congrats to all three!
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Sophia Thomas by Janelly V. & Sophie P.

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Adisyn Ross by Libby B.

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Phillip McKinley by Henry S.

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Husky Gram Winners

Students who are seen being SAFE, RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, or a PEACEMAKER earn Husky Grams. The following students were caught following our school-wide expectations during the week and earned a reward!

Sam Seaborne

Ella Ousley

Hudson Ley

Sebastian Hartwell

Raegyn Foster

Marley Ochs

Madeline Kiser

Annalynne Michaels

Owen Gilley

Cora Bartels

Lydia Barrentine

Stephen Everard

Marylin Silva

Layla Sanders

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PTO Updates

CSA Lincoln Night with the Pacers:

Pacers vs. Clippers on Friday, March 23rd! Order forms will come home next week or you can get it here (file below). Send your order form and payment to the main office by February 16th!

CSA Lincoln Family Night at Kidscommons!

We're working on rescheduling this event so keep an eye on the community Facebook page and watch for an updated flyer to come home!

Upcoming Events:

CSA Lincoln Family Night at Kidscommons - TBD

Pacers Night ticket order forms due - Friday, February 16, 2018

CSA Lincoln Pacers Night - Friday, March 23, 2018

Basketball Game Photos

The link will stay the same, but Mr. Kohne will update with new photos during the season!


Password: CSApics1718

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