Jackie Robinson

learn how he changed the face of sports

By Molrakot Ounnarath and Alex lissaur

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a little knowledge of base ball legend Jackie Robinson

  1. born January 31, 1919, in Cairo, Georgia
  2. endured a lot of racism and was not allowed to fight back
  3. he was in the military
  4. he played for the negro league than got drafted to the dodgers in 1947

breaking the barrier

  • Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier by enduring a lot of racism and hate determined to not fight back and to show the world his skill.
  • here is how Jackie Robinson broke the barrier just click here.
  • this is how Jackie Robinson broke the barrier click here for more info

the sport racism continues

even though colored people in major leagues have no problem with racial issues in sports college sports still hold some racism here is some information about it click here

college students have been making fun and throwing racist comments on black players but no punishment why. also there is racism out side of sports because there have been multiple shootings involving innocent blacks people being shot by white cops click here to read more

we can fix this problem

we can try blending all the cultures together because this will most racism in the newer generation because they will grow up with these people they will know how they act in situations involving other races. we can also start standing up against these actions just like Jackie Robinson