Cougar Connection

Issue 26 Volume 2

Weekly Message

Week of April 4th

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for the great job and committment you all showed during our 1st week of testing. Everything went smoothly and it all was thanks to everyone's hands on deck. Mrs. Sternes did an excellent job in navigating this vessel!

Next up we have our next round of testing, TerraNova/Supera for the kinder-2nd grade students. Our kinder-2nd grade teachers are working very diligently in getting our students prepared. Due to testing being around the corner there will be limited ECP for our k-2nd grade teachers. This will allow them to focus and have a greater impact these last few days.

You all are a fantastic team! I wouldn't have it any other way!

Week at a Glance

Week of April 4th


8:00- A-Team Meeting

1:15- ARD

2:00- 4th & 5th grade Pep Rally Auditorium

3:15- ARD

3:20- Ms. Piggee's Baby Shower

3:20- Attendance Committee Meeting (Conference Room)








04/06-Wednesday Mock Science/Mock Math 3rd & 4th Grade


3:20- Professional Development-Planning for 2016-2017


Lesson Plan Collaboration

3:20- Friday Night Lights

Updated Summer School Info!

April 4th- If you are interested in working summer school please fill out an application with the link that was sent to you from the district. Please know that there are limited spots for these summer positions. I will let you know by the 1st week of May who will be working.

Wanted to give you info that was shared with me at my last Principal's meeting.

2015-2016 summer school will look a little different this summer.

There will be three types of summer school.

1) k-5 students needing remediation to pass to the next grade level.

a) Where- Moseley

b) 8 days long

c) Monday- Thursday

d) $31 an hour

2) SSI- 5th grade students needing to pass the STAAR Reading/Math test

a) Where- Moseley

b) 10 days long approx.

c) Monday- Thursday

d) $31 an hour

3) Achievers summer school- Targeted for interested student admitted by lottery only

a) Burleson Elementary

b) Length 20 days

c) AC Interns and Teach For American Interns will be the ones teaching this summer school

I wanted to give you this info just in case you were counting or planning on working summer school. I don't know what our Allocations will be for either, however if you are interested please let me know.

Information for K-2 Teachers

TerraNova/Supera Info

TerraNova and SUPERA, Spanish version of the TerraNova, are normed-referenced achievement measures designed to provide achievement scores that are valid for most types of educational decision-making. These tests use selected-response items to provide detailed comparative and diagnostic information on students’ academic progress.

Students will be assessed in the following content areas: Reading/Language Arts and Mathematics. Unlike the ITBS/Logramos where reading and language arts are separate content areas, they are combined on the TerraNova and SUPERA. The results compare individual student achievement relative to a nationwide normative group. In addition, the results can be used for the following purposes:

· To analyze strengths and weaknesses in student achievement in each content area;

· To plan for further instruction;

· To plan for curriculum development; and

· To report progress to parents.

The sampling techniques used in the norming process ensured that, for any student group, the proportions in the norm sample were representative of the proportions in the national student population as a whole. This safeguard makes the test results more relevant to the diversity seen in the student population of Dallas ISD. An additional benefit of this process is that it allows the SUPERA to be scaled the same as the TerraNova, thereby allowing for a direct comparison of students’ performance on each test across each domain.

Pre-Test Workshop Webinar

Click on the link below to view a 49 minute pre-test workshop webinar on the TerraNova/SUPERA presented by DRC|CTB McGraw Hill. The webinar will present an overview of TerraNova/SUPERA, grades to be tested/milestones, the Test Coordinator’s Manual, and things to do before, during and after testing.

Administration Times

The administration times for the TerraNova/SUPERA and the ITBS/Logramos are very similar; therefore, there should be no significant increase in the time allocations required to complete these assessments. The tables below present a comparison of the administration times of both assessments by content areas.

Special Note:

Number of Items and administration times for the ITBS are based on the complete battery at K and the survey at grades 1 & 2.

Number of Items and administration times for the Logramos are based on the complete battery at grades K-2.

Practice Tests

The practice tests are designed to introduce students to the mechanics of taking the test and to give the students an idea of the kind of questions they will be asked. The practice tests should take about 40 minutes to administer and should be given a day or two in advance of the actual test. Click the image below to see a sample of the type of items found on the TerraNova/SUPERA or use this link:

Schools can order practice materials from the Assessment Service Center (972-925-4430) or directly from DRC|CTB McGraw Hill. Dallas ISD has a limited quantity on hand. The DRC|CTB McGraw Hill order form can be found on the State and National Assessments webpage.

Image copyright of DRC|CTB McGraw Hill


Q. Will the TerraNova/SUPERA be used in the calculation of TEIs this school year since it is new this year?

A. Yes, it is a norm-reference test just like the ITBS/Logramos assessing the same content areas; therefore, it will still count towards TEI.

Q. Is the format of the TerraNova/SUPERA the same as the ITBS/Logramos?

A. Yes, very similar in format.

Q. What are the similarities and differences between the ITBS/Logramos and the TerraNova/SUPERA?

A. They are both Norm Reference Tests assessing the same content areas: Reading/Language Arts, and Mathematics. The TerraNova/SUPERA may be less confusing than the ITBS/Logramos. Similarities and differences are identified below:


1. Students are required to bubble their answers in the test booklets on the TerraNova/SUPERA just as they did on ITBS/Logramos.

2. The TerraNova/SUPERA teacher manuals allow teachers to guide the students through the tests, as did the ITBS/Logramos.

3. The reading passages are read independently by students on the TerraNova/SUPERA as they did on the ITBS/Logramos.

4. Accommodations outlined in a student’s IEP are allowable on the TerraNova/SUPERA as they were on the ITBS/Logramos. An oral administration was allowed on Math sections of the ITBS/Logramos as it is allowed on the TerraNova/SUPERA. No oral administrations are allowed on the Reading/Language Arts components of any norm-referenced tests.

5. Extended-time (i.e., time and a half) may be granted as needed per Sped/504 IEP.

6. Group administration requirements for the TerraNova/SUPERA are the same as that for ITBS/Logramos. A minimum of 10 students is required for regular ed students; while ARD/504 students may be accommodated in smaller groups per IEP.


1. There are no subtests within each content area, however, each content area is separated into two parts.

2. The Reading/Language Arts are combined on the TerraNova/SUPERA.


DRC|CTB provides a variety of reports to present a complete picture of a student’s academic progress. The report formats include graphic presentations and descriptive/interpretive information about a student’s academic progress. These reports are available in both Spanish and English. The home report, in particular, is a useful tool for parent/teacher conferences and will help parents to become more involved in the learning process. It describes the content measured by each test and identifies the student's level of content understanding.