July Team Newsletter

Jennifer Roets

Ready, Set, Sell Incentive

RSS Incentive period is upon us!!! It is so exciting that Thirty-One takes such good care of us and wants to set us up for success this fall. Not only do we get commission for partying now until August 15th, but we also earn products/supplies for FREE! You can check out all the details on the RSS page, but I still wanted to touch on a few points.

There's been some questions about the levels, so I wanted to clarify that they are cumulative. . . what that means is that they build on each other. If you submit $300 in PV, you'll have earned the 1st level kit and it will ship out to you automatically after the incentive period. If you submit another $300 PV ($600 total), you'll have earned the 2nd level kit, and then if you submit another $600 PV ($1200 total), you'll have earned the 3rd level kit. Amazing!!!

I know $1200 can sound like a lot, but it's really just 2-3 parties. That's it! For those of you that don't have a home party on the books, why not think about doing your own party, mystery hostess, or a bingo/bunco party, an ice cream social with kids could be fun, a last chance/first glance party where you focus on the retiring items or even a back-to-school party focusing on the Chill-icious Thermals and a healthy lunch theme. Everyone can bring ideas for great healthy lunches for kids!

I have more ideas for theme parties and tools below.

Add-On Kit

In addition to the Ready, Set, Sell Incentive, you can get an add-on kit with other Fall products for only $31! This is an awesome deal, so I highly recommend taking advantage of it, I do believe the products will be linked to upcoming Monthly Specials. Orders yours today through your back office under Orders > Add-On Kit through August 15th. You cannot order this alongside other business supplies, but rather as a separate purchase.

Fall 2014 is LIVE!!!

You can check out all the newness for Fall NOW on TOT. Make sure to go through the Fall Checklist. There's necessary information on there for all of us!

Pop-Up Personalization

We've been asking for it, so now it's here!!! We can get a preview of personalization on products, and customers can too when they order online. I got to check it all out at National Conference and am very excited!

I will probably just keep a mock order up in my BO that I can use to check out different options. I'd like you to keep one important point in mind when using this:

  • It is still not guaranteed where the personalization will fall on each product's print. Just because it might look a certain way on the preview, doesn't mean it will come looking exactly like that. I.e. Red embroidery might not fall on the red part of Bold Bloom in the photo, but could actually still be put on the red part.
  • Thus, this new feature is good for showing how specific fonts and sizing turns out for products, but not always "perfect" for printed options.

Lastly, at Conference I fell in love with the new style 18 coming out for fall, but I also noticed that because it is very swirly, there is a tendency to have extra spacing between some letters to account for the swirls. Make sure to check out style 18 as a preview when people order it starting in September. Thirty-One will not let us send it back if the spacing is correct, even though it may look "off" to us.

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Adding Value to Parties

In this day and age, we really need to focus on the party experience and not just the products. By doing this, we're adding value. Let's be real for a second. . . in this day and age, people don't always want to come to just a Thirty-One "party." If we focus more on that it's a "break from the chaos," a way to "escape the madness" or a have fun at "a girl's night out," customers are more excited to attend. I've really been trying to shy away from the word "party," and it's been great!

Adding a theme adds an extra element of fun too! Would you rather go to a home décor party or a "Mexican Fiesta;" a cooking class or a "wine and cheese" party? I've got some lists of theme parties if you'd like me to share them with you. People will often book a show just because a theme party sounds like fun. Attendance is higher at theme parties, (that results in higher sales), the guests think theme parties are fun, (that means more of them book shows), they also look fun and easy, (that means more of them are willing to join you and try your business).

More Amazing Party Tools

Thirty-One has several party ideas on TOT through the How to Market August page, which you can check out here. If you're not utilizing these tools, you're missing out! They're providing us with so much, so make sure to be checking this regularly.

Thirty-One also offers amazing printables that you can use at your parties!
There's even ones for a grocery list or recipe card for the healthy lunch theme for August. There might even be more on Thirty-One's Pinterest page, which is awesome if you haven't checked it out yet! There's so many cool product usage ideas, pictures on there that are not in the catalog.
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I'd also like to try touch on the word MOMENTUM. People ask me how do I have so many parties?! Well, last fall I was committed to working my business and keeping a full calendar, so I literally contacted hundreds of past customers, hostesses and reached out to new contacts to get parties on the calendar. Then I used Shari Hudspeth's dice game (which I've mentioned a lot) to book parties. When you have several parties each month and then book more at each party, you work up a momentum. It's easier to keep this momentum going than start with no parties on the calendar.

I also follow-up, follow-up, follow-up. I have fabulous calendar I use that helps me keep track of when I need to do follow-ups. A party "no," could just mean "not now." And I try hard to keep following-up until I get a "no." In the words of the trainer Shari Hudpseth:

"Have you ever thought, "I've left 3 messages, if she wanted to book a show or join my

team, she would have called me back?"

The truth is, it's simply not in her 'top of mind awareness'; It's not her priority, it is just

something she is doing for fun or a little extra income. She probably thought about

calling you several times, but then got home, got busy getting dinner, getting the kids to bed, and so on and forgot all about it.

It is your priority, so it's on your mind until it gets done! You need that booking for

income, future bookings, future customers and new recruits and those recruit leads are definitely a priority. Of course, you don't forget! We aren't stalking by continuing to call an interested party; we are offering good customer service.

This is the message I left on a voice mail for someone who expressed interest in

booking a party: "Hi Marcia, this is Shari Hudspeth with XYZ company. I'm calling you

to get your party scheduled or, I can't wait to tell you what you're going to get for hosting your party this month! It's really awesome! Don't worry about getting back to me, I knowyou are crazy busy. I pride myself in giving excellent customer service, so I'll just keep calling until we connect. I'll talk to you soon!"

I'd love to chat with you individually on how to build your momentum for the fall selling season, so contact me to set up a time!

Team News


Congrats to Danielle Frederick that earned Level 4! She has now earned ALL 4 levels of the program, which is AMAZING!!!!

New Team Member

I would like to welcome Tania Drezdon to the team! She's from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and is sponsored by myself. I see great things for Tania and Thirty-One!!!

July Sales

Congrats to those that still partied in July. It wasn't as strong of a month as we would have liked, but even the more reason to rock out August!

$500 Club

Danielle Frederick $937

Diane Barnes $759

Amanda Julson $586

Sara Hanna $580

Patti Sabel $502

Jennifer's Stats

Personal Volume $4,477
Parties 9

Party Average $497

Team Stats
Total Team Sales $8,347.00

Total Parties 17

Party Average $491

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