Living in Uruguay is AMAZING!

Living in paradise

info on Uruguay

The capital of Uruguay is Montevideo and 4 major cities of that country is Montevideo, salto, paysanda, and law piedras.

History of Uruguay

Uruguay was controlled by the Spanish. They gained independence in 1825. It is not controlled by any other country in modern day. Their official language is Spanish. The flag is striped with blue and white with a sun on the corner.

Political info

Type of gov.: constitutional republic

Leader: Tabaré vázquez

Economic info

Currency: Uruguayan peso

Economic system: capitalism

Tourism info

People should visit Uruguay so they can see colonia del Sacramento because it is a perfectly kept colonial city. Another reason is that the beaches are amazing. Tourists should visit museums and boats on beaches

facts about Uruguay

Uruguay is the only country whose name in English has the same letter three times in its first five. The first European in Uruguay was Spanish explorer Juan Diaz de Solis in 1516. In December 2013, Uruguay became the world’s first country to legalise the marijuana trade.