A PROUD Picture


My PROUD thoughts...

I need to say a HUGE thanks to Christina and Susan for our incredible Career Day. Their planning and re-planning took lots of time and energy. The students got so excited, and I loved to see it. It was a wonderful opportunity for them. Thanks, girls!!

Right now our EoY party planners are Beth, Kristy, and Brenda. If you would like to join this group, let Anne know ASAP. WE MUST HAVE A FUN PARTY!!! We ALL deserve to end the year on a high note with fun and laughing!!

Next week it's all about YOU! I'm excited to be able to honor you and try to say thanks for all that you do for your students. Enjoy your time and feel the love! You deserve every bit of it!!

Just a word of advice...you are remembered by how you leave! Of course this speaks to me, but you are leaving some awesome little guys and gals too. How do you want to be remembered by them? Let's make sure we leave the way we want! :-)

Team Leaders for 2015-2016

I am very proud and excited to share with you your team leaders for next year. I believe these leaders will do an outstanding job of helping your new principal learn ERES. I am counting on them to encourage and share what is best for you and the school. I know you will agree with me!

K - Brittany

1st - Patricia

2nd - Jenn

3rd - Diana

4th - Staci

Specials - Kim

Co-Curr - LeeAnn

Guess what(s) & reminders!

  • The month of May is busy!!!! Let's have some fun!!! Each day is a blessing!
  • Have you planned something for Wednesday to honor our great nurse?
  • Have you voted for our Hudson grant so that we can improve our PBIS program?
  • Be sure and vote for your school board officials, if you live in Keller!
  • Our school fundraiser is coming up! This will help us bring in the needed technology for our school. Get ready to encourage your students and push it with the parents. It will help our students in the end!!!

Keller University Summer Learning Conference

You will be needing equivalency hours this next year and it's a great way to get your GT update! It's also one of the best opportunities for learning, I've ever seen!!!

You better sign up on May 4 because there is limited seating and LOTS of people!! Don't miss out!!

July 20-23, 2015

Registration opens on May 4.

You may browse the over 130 different sessions in the following ways:

1. Click here to view the Conference Catalog. (PDF)

2. Click here to view an interactive version of the Conference Catalog. (Requires Flash)

3. Click the tile on K-Cloud for Keller University. (Requires Flash)

4. Visit the Keller University category in Eduphoria Workshop.

Click here to access a Conference Planner!

E-mail Maria.Collins@kellerisd.net or Ashley.Hankins@kellerisd.net with questions.

What's A Happenin'

May 4 - Breakfast for the Bestest! Check the lounge for some breakfast!

May 5 - Admiration for All It's a Surprise!!

C&I meetings in PD room

4th grade Play Day @ CHS

May 6 - Relieved of Duties! (no lunch or recess duty)

Anne out AM

May 7 - Lunch provided by our wonderful parents

ELA Module 4 @ 3:20

May 8 - Sharing the Teacher Lifeline with YOU! It's a Surprise!!

Teacher contracts due

Eagle Bucks to...

  • Christina and Susan for Career Day
  • Natalie for the great work with story boards with her students!

Happy MAY Birthday to you!

2 - Dawn

5 - Heather S

6 - Blair

9 - Paula

12 - Beth

16 - Julie O

17 - John

25 - Heather R

26 - Nancy

30 - Sharla