Drinking addiction

Maria Guerrero

What's an addiction?

Addictions are habits we can't control.Something we are willing to do for anything and can ruin many things in your and others lives.

Drinking addiction

Alcohol is the most commonly used additive substance in the United States,17.6 million people or 1out of every 12 adults suffer from alcohol abuse.

What's Alcohol abuse?

The habitual misuse of alcohol.

Signs that your addicted

1.Lying about or hiding your drink.

2.drinking to relax or feel better.

3.blacking out regularly.

4.unable to stop once you start.

5.drinking in dangerous situations

Examples are:before work,disobeying doctors orders,before driving,while driving

6.neglecting your responsibilities

Why do people do it?

1.start drinking because of friends or colleagues to be socially accepted

2.feel more relaxed,fun

3.heals pain and loneliness,wash away painful memories.

How it effects your body

Acolholism is every bit as damaging as a drug addiction

Brain:can change mood,and behavior,makes it harder to think clearly and move with coordination

Heart:drinking too much or a long time can cause heart damage

1.strechting or drooping of heart muscles

2.irregular heart beat

3.stroke,high blood pressure.


1.steatosis or fatty liver

2.alcolholic hepatitis



Can also weaken your immune system

Cancer can occur in:






How many people die from drinking?

About 88,000 people die from alcohol related causes making it the 3rd leading preventable cause of death.

Examples of alcoholic drinks are:

Wine,beer,cocktails,tequila,whisky and etc.

How to quit

1.tell a friend or family member ask for help

2.avoid places,people,situations where you're tempted to drink.

Need help quitting

Know someone who needs help? Call 844-817-0975 or go to www.rightstep.com

When trying to quit you may feel...






Trouble sleeping

Lost of appetite

Experience shakiness or trembling

I am not saying you shouldn't drink

If your going to drink please be responsible about it and be the proper age your supposed to do it,and remember how it'll effect the people around you.