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By: Rachel, Kenzie and Serena

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Ash and smoke cover the sky. Lava pours down the sides of the volcano. The eruption has begun. Volcanoes are erupting all over the world all the time. Earthquakes shake countries and towns to their core. These natural disasters happen frequently sometimes seconds apart. This article contains facts about dangerous places. These places are very active when it comes to volcanoes and earthquakes, but they can be the most beautiful places on earth. Keep reading to find out more!

Maui, Hawaii

Why do People Live There?

People live in Maui, Hawaii because of the warmth of the golden sun. It illuminates the sky with it’s golden glow and keeps the tourist and natives happy. Another reason to go to Maui, Hawaii is because of the sandy beaches and the gentle waves crashing against the shore. Don’t forget about the spectacular plants growing on the green grasses. Because of this, Maui, is a tourist attraction.

Plate Tectonics

Convergent Boundary- a convergent boundary is when two boundary plates come together, pushing against each other forming either a volcano or earthquake. As the two plates push against each other one is forceddown beneath one another. Hawaii is located on the Pacific Plate, as known as the largest plate on the Earth. This plate is shrinking as the Atlantic Ocean is increasing in size and is pushing the North American plate westward.

Why people don't live there

People just don’t want to live in Maui, Hawaii because of all the volcanoes that have happened in Hawaii. A volcano called Haleakala happened on the Maui Island last year (2013), Scientists say it has exploded over 4 times in the last 4 years. Also scientists predicted that the next explosion out of that volcano would be in 100 years! So beware you Hawaiian natives/ people who live there, it will be a coming.


Why Do People Live in India?

India. Known for the wonderful people the exquisite culture, and the amazing views of the waterfalls, open plains and beaches. India is bordered by Afghanistan, Bhutan, china and Nepal. It is known for its tourist attractions like; the Kerala backwaters, which is a chain of lagoons; Lake Palace, which is a royal palace built in the 18th century; the Virupaksha temple and plenty more! What is not to love about a warm 80 degree climate in the middle of winter? Or the ocean breeze of just 6 mph wind? This sure sounds like a paradise!

Plate Tectonics

India sits on the Indo- Australian plate which is a convergent plate boundary. When two plates collide together it is called a convergent boundary. This kind of plate creates earthquakes and volcanoes. As they slide together one of the plates will slide underneath the other. That bottom plate is known as a subducting plate. In this case, the subducting plate is The Indo-Australian plate.

Why So Dangerous?

Just last Sunday a 5.6 earthquake occurred in India. That’s enough power to make a car rock, dishes rattle and windows to break. This happened on the New Delhi, India Myanmar border. Also last September, a 6.9 Magnitude earthquake struck the Northeastern side of India! that's enough power to make someone lose there balance, make the ground crack, and make the weak buildings collapse! This is because The seven northeastern states of India are known for frequent seismic activity. Especially because it is on the Indian Plate. Which is a convergent boundary with subduction.


Why people want to live there?

France is a beautiful country. It is commonly known for it’s Eiffel tower in Paris and the nightlife there is just amazing! France is always lit up with gorgeous lights. A lot of people don’t realize this but, France is almost completely surrounded by water. White sandy beaches with waves that gently wash up carrying sand back into the ocean. But it’s not only the nights and beaches that are spectacular. The wildlife there is fantastic! From Flamingos and Panda’s to Polecats and the Common Genet. Some places in France even have Red Deer, Red Pandas, wild boar, and even weasels. The life there is just unbelievable! Not only are the animals there exotic but the people too. Their culture, fashion, and foods. The most common foods are: Confit de canard, Salade Nicoise, Chocolate Souffle, Cheese and Wine, and Soupe a l'oignon. In France a good cheese and some wine could never be turned down. The people in France are just mind blowing! Their different styles and fashion has always been fascinating! They have this sense where they can look elegant and casual all the time! With that they have this appearance where they won’t ever look over-dressed or under-dressed. They can maintain this confidence in their outfits at all times! It’s crazy! We all want, and some even attempt, to emulate the style they have on a day to day basis.

Plate Tectonics

France isn't all beauty. Just like everywhere and everyone, France does have an ugly side. France is sitting on a Eurasian plate. Tectonic plates spread apart, grind and rub past each other, clash together, and overlap causing Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis and even mountain ranges. Volcanoes erupt all the time all over the world. Earthquakes shake countries and towns to the ground. Mountain ranges grow taller and taller each year. Mount Everest is said to grow at least 4mm each year because plates collide and go up causing mountain to grow. Whenever an Earthquake happens normally a Tsunami will follow. The Earthquake happens by plates rubbing and grinding against each other which causes massive shaking. Ocean tides pull back due to the shaking and one massive wave forms and crashes on top of towns, countries, and cities causing lots and lots of damage. Volcanoes happen by ocean floors spreading and hot magma rising to the top. Two famous landmarks created by the plates moving are, Mount Pelee and Mountain range Blanc.

Why so dangerous?

One of the biggest volcanic eruptions to ever happen in France is Mount Pelee. Around 30,000 people were either killed or injured severely. Almost 50,000,000 dollars in damage was done when this happened in 1902. Volcanoes aren’t the only natural disaster in France though. Earthquakes happen fairly frequent here. A 5.3 magnitude earthquake struck france nearly 3 years ago. That’s pretty big. 36 years ago another 5.3 magn. earthquake hit France with a 33 KM depth. That’s deep! See, France isn’t just about fashion or beauty. Natural disasters can happen anywhere at anytime. Some can be predicted and some can catch people completely off guard.

In the End

Earthquakes and volcanoes can happen all over the world. Even places with sandy beaches, wonderful people, exquisite culture and amazing views. They can destroy homes and burn cities in a matter of seconds. Some can go on doing massive amounts of destruction and some can go unnoticed.Try no to let this stop the family from taking a sensational vacation!