ACT Strategy Flyer

Strategies for taking the ACT test


Guessing- When faced with a problem you are unsure of the answer, pick a letter that you will use every time. Chances are every 1/5 will be correct.

Quality over Quantity- Take your time and make sure your answers are correct. Wrong points count against you, so try to get them right by working it out and showing your work.

Skip- Though you want to take your time and get it right, don't spend all your time on a single problem. If you get stuck on a hard one, skip it and go on to the easier ones. if there is time at the end, you can return to these problems and try to figure them out.


Math: Solve Systematically- To solve a problem, it may help to solve it in order. Focus on being organized, not random. WARNING!!! This is a TRAP for those who like to be speedy!

Science: Recognize the type- There are three types of Science tests; Data Representation, Research Summaries, and Conflicting Viewpoints. Try to solve all the problems of one type before moving on to the others

Reading: Reading more than once- It is usually helpful to read things 2/3 times. The first time you read it just to understand it. The second time you go through and "chunk" it. The third time, you go through and solve the chunks.

English: Referring back to the passage- If a problem asks you to read a line or paragraph, go back and read that paragraph or line. It will help you find the answer and give you a reference if asked to prove/explain the answer you chose.


Annotating. Annotating helps with Reading and Science while taking the ACT. It breaks down the problem and helps sort out the important information from the general information.