I'm Here: Animated Empathy Journey

Social Emotional Learning lesson with Technology & Art

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Take an Empathy Journey on Your Paper Airplane

I'm Here is a book and animated movie by Peter Reynolds about inclusion and empathy. He is unable to participate in crowded loud groups at recess yet he wants to connect and make friends. He folds a paper airplane, imagines himself riding it, and sales over the group of students. I like to use this story to talk about how to include others at recess and what it means to be a good friend. We make our own paper airplane and take an empathy journey with green screen and digital animation.
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Build a Paper Airplane

and Imagine Flying on it with Green Screen. My lesson gives you a handout with illustrated steps for creating a paper airplane as well as a QR code and Link to a step by step tutorial. After the plane is photographed, we flew them around the room. This is a great opportunity to talk about how friends behave when we play.
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Animate the Moving Clouds

Now that the Do Ink Green Screen App has animation tools included, I updated the lesson to use only this app for every step. I included a quick tutorial. My 2nd graders felt empowered and excited when they created their cloud animations.
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We spent time imagining what it would feel like to be excluded from others during different scenarios: lunch, recess, sports, and birthday parties. Our empathy was aided by some videos and lessons we found including this BrainPop Jr episode.
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I'm super excited to be able to rework the lesson to make each step created in the green screen app by Do Ink. Now that Do Ink has improved the app to include tools for drawn animation, I figured out a way to simplify this lesson. I put all the steps in the lesson with tutorials and directions.
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I like to display transdigital art with augmented reality. So, I included the steps necessary to set up a trigger image, the animation as an overlay, & generating the effect in Eyejack app. Enlarge my image & scan and use the app to test it out.
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Tricia Fuglestad, NBCT, K-5 art teacher in Illinois, has a MATL in K-12 tech integration. She has successfully blended digital and physical art making with her transdigital lessons to expand the curriculum, give students an opportunity to explore new media, and find transformative ways for students to demonstrate learning dynamically. Tricia’s classroom is featured in educational publications and higher education textbooks. Her students’ Fugleflicks, student-created, art-related videos have screened at international film festivals and won national awards. She has been recognized with many state and national awards for her innovation and dedication to art education.

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