Akiva School Book Swap

Trade your old books for some new (to you!) titles!

Do you have any old books you no longer want?

If they are school appropriate and in good condition, bring them in any time from now until next Wednesday, and receive one book credit for each book you bring in. On Wednesday, May 29, trade your book credits for new (to you) books! It's a great way to start the summer with some fresh reading material that's free!

Book Swap

Wednesday, May 29th, 8am-3:30pm

Akiva School Library

The Plan

  • Books will be collected from now until Wed., May 29.
  • Students will be given a ticket for each book brought in.
  • On Wednesday, students may use their tickets during their library class or recess to "purchase" books!
  • All book swap books may be kept by the students- they are not library books and do not need to be returned.