Watching TV makes you throw HARDER


B watching TV your arm is resting up to throw harder. According to this is a scientificly proven claim. Many pitchers at the professional level watch up to 100 hours of TV a week so they can throw 100MPH!

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Surfing the Web, going to the movies, or just doing absolutely is going to help you throw harder. The more you dont do anything, the harder you throw. Surfing the web will help but since you are using your hands to type it will help you throw harder but will not be nearly as a significantly difference in vepcity as watching TV would.


Since the recent word has got out that watching TV makes you throw harder the prices for TV has increased significantly and computers have also had a recent boom in income. Now the market and purchasing of Bands for arm care and weighted baseballs has dramatically decreased ten fold.
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Due to the recent trends, many baseball players have relocated. The players have relocated to areas near many movie theaters, Best buys and many other media and technology stores. But many other Stores have picked up and move shop closer to baseball stadiums so they can't be closer to the clients and more of them.
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The rise in baseball flame throwers should increase just as the prices of TV will increase due to the recent discovery of the power a TV can yield for a baseball player. More and more ball players will be expected in the future to be doing absolutely nothing but watching TV an surfing the web majority of the day in the forsure future.