Week 8 Reflection

action plan update

Week 8 aims

  • Create an overall synopsis for our music video
  • Create a storyboard that outlines the different scenes within our music video
  • Carry out fonts and connotations research
  • Carry out target audience research
  • Carry out research into Blumler & Katz
  • Begin filming

week 8 achievements

We have filmed our synopsis and carried out research into our target audience, ensuring our video complies with our chosen target audience. We have also created a questionnaire regarding the fonts for the artist name. We need to gather data for our questionnaire and then create another questionnaire for the ideal font regarding our song name. After this we need to gather the data for the second questionnaire. We have also began to carry out research into Blumler & Katz but this needs to be completed. In addition to this we need to continue with our storyboard and once that is completed we can begin filming.

Week 9 aims

We need to finish the research into the fonts & connotations and carry out research into Blumler & Katz. We also need to complete our storyboard and begin filming. We then need to carry out research into how music videos are regulated & censored and research the music industry itself and how it operates.