Imagine Language + Literacy

End of Year Reminders

EOY Benchmark Reminders

EOY Benchmark:

April 1–June 30

  • Available to all eligible students
  • Eligible student: At least 90 days have passed since a student completed the Placement Test or started the previous Benchmark Test
  • If a student is in an activity when the EOY Benchmark Test becomes available, the test will begin after that activity (assuming the activity is completed within the administration window).
  • Monitor students, if possible, and encourage them to read each question carefully and do their best.
  • Review results on the Imagine Learning Portal. Select Group, then under Dashboard select Growth > Benchmark Test.

Benchmark Report Tutorials

Administrator Tutorial (District or School Admins. Only)

Teacher Tutorial (Group and Individual Student Views)

End of Year Checklists

End of Year Checklist - Administrators

EOY Benchmark Assessment

  • Remind teachers and students about the End of Year Benchmark assessment window.

Review and Celebrate Student Growth

  • Review usage, progress, and growth data.
  • Share information with teachers.
  • Celebrate successes with teachers and students.

Preserve Student Data

  • Download student data from the Imagine Language and Literacy Portal.Click the Full CSV Export button in the top right corner of the dashboard to download all student data into a file.
  • Ask teachers to download/print any Portfolio samples they wish to save, as well as any class-level or student-level reports.

End of Year Checklist - Teachers

EOY Benchmark Assessment
  • Make sure that eligible students have completed their benchmark test.

Review and Celebrate Student Growth

  • Discuss end-of-year growth with students, including benchmark scores, final usage totals, and/or progress through the curriculum.
  • Celebrate successes with students/classes that met year-end goals.
  • Download/share certificates with students. Progress > Achievements.

Preserve Student Data

  • Log in to Imagine Language and Literacy Portal and download any Portfolio audio reading samples you wish to keep; print any writing samples you wish to keep.
  • Print student-level or class-level reports as desired. It is recommended that you download/save class Predicted EOY report (YTD), Growth Report, and Progress by Lesson Report. For individual students, you should download/save the same reports. Especially for each student whose data you might need for future meetings.

Imagine Language + Literacy Contest June 8 - July 31

This unique summertime challenge is designed to strengthen literacy skills and prepare you for the upcoming school year.

From June 8 through July 31, use Imagine Language & Literacy for 240+ minutes at any point during the summertime and you will be automatically entered

into a random drawing for the Imagine Learning Adventure Backpack Prize consisting of a solar powered backpack, a Fire Tablet, a writing journal, a water bottle, ruler, and pencils.

Five Imagine Learning Adventure Backpack winners will be announced at the conclusion of the contest (week of August 3).

The Imagine Learning Adventure Backpack award will be hand-delivered by an Imagine Learning representative to the attending 2020-2021 school of the winning student.

Need Help?

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