Families Today

How they've changed since 1960...

Single Parents

In 1960 you didn't see many single parent families. Not having both adult elements in a family just didn't happen often. But over the years, society has embraced the conecpt, and it is actually common to have families with just one parent. In most cases, it is a signle mother raising her kids alone, but it can go both ways. Statistics show that 1 out of 3 babies are born to an unmarried woman. 50 years ago, this wasn't really socially acceptable. Now however, it's fairly common. Actually, 50 years ago, when someone said "family" you pictured the working father, the stay-at-home mother, and several children. Today, that definiton of a family, is only valid in about 1 out of 4 families. So the majority of families today don't meet the "family requirements" of society 50 years ago. By today's standards, you can be lacking some of those roles and you're still a family.

Step Parents

So what if you're a single parent and you find someone new? That is where stepfamilies come into play. Over 50% of families in the U.S are re-married, or re-coupled. Also, 50% of U.S children under age 13 are living with one biological parent, and that parent's current partner. So it's pretty common today to have step parents, step siblings, etc. In1960 you rarely saw single parents, much less re-married parents who were once single parents. We've developed the acceptance of broken families, and bringing others into a broken family.
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Blended Families