Type with a mouse!

On screen keyboard is already installed on your computer

On Screen Keyboard

  • This feature places a keyboard on the screen controlled by the mouse that you can use in place of a tangible keyboard.
  • Program is very useful for people with hand injuries/disabilities, presentations, using the internet or media while computer is connected to a TV or other external monitor

Where do I get this feature?

  • This program is already installed on your PC
  • Click Start button , clicking All Programs, clicking Accessories, clicking Ease of Access, and then clicking On-Screen Keyboard
  • For more information on this feature click HERE

Customize your keyboard

The settings within the on screen keyboard menu will allow you to personalize your keyboard.

  • Set sound for different key clicks.
  • Use the numeric pad version.
  • Enable text prediction

How to start On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 10 - INFOVISION MEDIA