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For Defendants

As a defendant, you may feel very confused and insanely nervous and scared. It may appear as though you are going to go to jail as soon as you receive your summons, but it is not as such. If the court you are in makes a decision (in court it is called a verdict) you don't want, ask for an appeal. This means that you go to a higher court for them to handle the case. If you go to them and they don't make a verdict you want, then you can do it again. When on trial, think from the perspective of the jury, judge, and prosecutor (the plaintiff in court). This way can help you to make the smart moves and lower charges. Use the terminology within the reasons stated in the plaintiff's complaint to make loopholes, as well in law. But that is what we do best. We will make loopholes and speak for you when you can't. Our law firm has the best lawyers that will make sure you get the best sentence you can. It won't be easy, but with us, it will be a lot easier. We will befriend the arbitrator (the person who decides the trial in the case of an arbitration, which is a form of intervention/mediation) with quick and minute facial changes that can help us to learn the arbitrator and make him have a bias to help us. This practice is hard and in some cases even impossible, but we have a better chance of doing it than most people, as we practice this for long periods of time in and out of court. We will help you to file a pleading (petition) and do our best to make sure you win the case. People ask many questions about different pieces of terminology, like the pretrial conference, which is where before the trial, the judge informs the parties about the situations so no witnesses need to be brought. When the judge/jury decides which side to favor solely based upon evidence, it is called preponderance of evidence, another piece of terminology that some people don't know.

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