LV Technology

By: Blake Kane

Typing Web

Every class, we get a 5 minute typing warm-up in Typing Web. Typing web gives us lessons to help us in the future. After every lesson it gives a percentage of how well you did, and it gives you 1 star, 2 stars, or 3 stars. In 6th grade Technology you need to finish the Intermediate Course. Once you finish that course you can move on to the Advanced Course.
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Career Locker

Career Locker is a website to help us pick are job for the future. We go through this unit with our counselor, Mrs. Vandenboogaard. Our counselor helps us find colleges that fit our careers. They teach us all about the colleges like, tuition, cost for rooms, 4 year or 2 year, etc.

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Haiku Deck

Everyone in our class made a Haiku Deck. We had to make a Haiku Deck about our dream jobs, we had to include things like what you do at the dream job, how much you got payed, etc. We used career locker to help us get the information about our job. At the end of this unit everyone presented their project.
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When we do coding, we always use a website called gives us challenges and assignments to do.To complete a challenge you would need to put down blocks, and connect blocks to finish the puzzle. gives you games to play, for achievements.
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Explain Everything

Explain Everything is an app that can help you with presentations, or it can be a teaching app. This app will let you draw, record, type, etc. For are assignment we had to use this app to teach someone how to do a math problem that we picked from 10 math problems. We could use any tool, but our rule was we could only draw if we have really good handwriting or if we had a styilis.
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You can make an iTrailer from the app iMovie. iTrailer allows you to make a trailer for any topic you want. On iTrailer you can pick different themes like schools out, scary, adventurous,etc. During our unit we had to make an iTrailer about are choice of a topic. There was one rule that you could only use your own pictures and no pictures from Google.
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