Cougar Connection Safety Edition

September 16, 2022

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Chik-A-Filet night was a hit! Thank you for coming out and thanks to Professor Paws and the "Eat More Chicken" Cow who got everyone excited!

Safety First!

Desert Cove is working on the 22/23 Emergency Response Plan. Our priority is to make our campus as safe as possible by reviewing and making the necessary adjustments to policies, guidelines, and current practices where they are needed. Please do your part to help keep ur kids and families safe and review the safety information included.

The safety and security of all PVSchools students and staff is our highest priority. All district staff receive training in a variety of emergency scenarios.

In ​accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS), 15-341 (A​​) (31), PVSchools' emergency response plans have been developed by school and district teams to ensure that all schools meet emergency response preparedness guidelines established by the Arizona Department of Education, and the Arizona Division of Emergency Management.

Please review the information located on the PVUSD website for more information.

If you receive information you would like to report anonymously, please visit

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Your family's safety is important to us!

This information has been obtained by the Arizona State Legislature and ADOT.


  • Remain on the sidewalk until the crossing guard has completely stopped traffic and signals you to enter the crosswalk.

  • Promptly walk, DO NOT RUN between the painted crosswalk lines.


  • Understand and comply with all City of Phoenix School Crossing Zone laws and statutes. (Note the links below.)

  • The School Crossing Zone begins at the first portable sign placed in the street on either side approaching the yellow school crosswalk.

  • Vehicles must ENTER the School Crossing Zone no faster than 15 mpr. Drivers may NOT exceed 15 mph. throughout the zone. Fines double!

  • Drivers may NOT PASS any other vehicle(s) within the School Crossing Zone. Please note that 28th Street is marked only for one lane of traffic. There is no left turn lane within the School Crossing Zone. Traffic MUST maintain ONE LANE through this zone.

  • If there are ANY persons (children or adults) within the yellow school crosswalk, ALL vehicles MUST STOP before the crosswalk line and REMAIN STOPPED until ALL persons have exited the street (including the guard).

  • There is NO PARKING or STOPPING within the School Crossing Zone. Please note the NO STOPPING AT ANY TIME signage on 28th Street.

  • Vehicles may NOT park or stop within 30 feet of a stop sign.

For more information visit the links below.

Arizona State Legislature - School Crossings/Civil Penalty

School Zone Violations

ADOT - Better Safe than Sorry

Reminder of traffic flow and procedures for DC

I would like to take this opportunity to remind all of our returning families, and introduce to our newcomers, the rules and procedures we have in place to ensure the safety of our students when they are arriving and departing from our campus. In past years, our community has received reminders of staff and visitor parking areas, correct traffic flow, the location of and proper usage of pedestrian crosswalks and our vehicular student drop-off and pick-up zones. This policy statement is annually submitted to all of our parents and students to provide proactive understanding regarding traffic safety.

Included in this correspondence are specific procedures that we expect all parents, guardians and community members to follow when dropping off and picking up students.

These procedures have been established in consultation with the City of Phoenix and Phoenix Police Department as best practices that ensure a safe and orderly traffic flow in and around our school. The procedures we have established apply to 28th street, the main parking lot and 27th street (west side of the school).

Please be sure to pay close attention to the information included in this document, as it will ensure that we all have the same expectations for pick-up and drop-off of students. I would also like to take the opportunity to remind everyone that these policies are established with the safety of our children in mind. Remember that Safety Counts at Desert Cove and your support is crucial.

Important Note: Be sure to follow the below listed expectations when arriving to pick-up or drop-off your child. Please remember that our main goal is student safety and waiting a little bit longer to pick up a child is a small sacrifice if it prevents a more serious accident. We request that all adults who are picking up or dropping off follow these procedures.

Desert Cove Elementary School Parking Lot/Traffic Loop Safety (28th St.)

-Follow the below listed expectations we have in place for everyone’s safety.
-Stay in your car when you enter the turnabout and observe the speed limit (5-10 miles per hour at all times).
-DO NOT leave your car unattended in the turnabout, fire lane, or loading zone.
-Use extreme caution when pulling out and around other waiting cars in the main driveway/loading zone.
-Leave space as you enter the driveway on 28th street so students can cross safely.
-Pull up as far as possible in consideration of others and stay to the right.
-Wait for your student to walk to you and remain in your car.
-DO NOT ask your child to walk through the parking lot to get in the car or climb over fences at any time and use the crosswalk directly in front of the main office.
-All students should exit vehicles from the passenger/curb side.
-The small parking lot on the east side is not a student drop-off or pick-up area.
-Do not block traffic from entering the turnabout.
-Be patient and wait in line, staff will be present to assist you.

Desert Cove Elementary School Traffic Flow Procedures – 27th Street
Please follow the below listed expectations we have in place for everyone’s safety.

Kindergarten dismissal starts at 2:30PM. Please do not wait along the curb until all Kindergarten students are dismissed.

-Pull up to the curb, do not park or block traffic flow, as it is illegal.
-Observe the speed limit, as there is a crosswalk north of the school, avoid u-turns.
-Stay in your car
-All students should exit/enter vehicles from the passenger/curbside.
-Use extreme caution when pulling out and around other waiting cars.
-Please pull up as far as possible in consideration of others and stay to the right.
-DO NOT ask your child to walk between parked cars or into the street.


Stacey A. Orest – Principal

NEW TO The Cove!!

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Please share any school/school event pictures to the folder below or send them via text to

Share pictures for the yearbook 22/23 - LINK

We will be intentional about collecting pictures for the yearbook this year. We would love to see your school pics! Please add them to this folder.

Desert Cove's Mission

Mission statement: Desert Cove provides a collaborative culture that supports and celebrates student diversity, lifelong learning, and engagement in a global community.

Vision: To prepare and motivate students to achieve their personal best, to embrace learning, and build their emotional, social and physical well-being, enabling students to flourish as contributing and healthy citizens in a global community.

Beliefs: Safe, Seen, Celebrated
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