Team 71 ELA Update

A note from Mrs. Lessing

Reading is fun!

Yes, reading is fun. If you don't believe this, you just haven't found the right book yet. This year we will be reading every day in class and you should continue reading at home. I will be conferencing with you about your reading and you will also be having discussions with your classmates about your books.


You will be keeping a journal in class this year. Some days you will be reflecting on your reading in the journal. You will also keep track of the books you read and the books you want to read - your "Someday Book List."

Weekly Reading Assignments

Every Tuesday you will have a reading assignment due. This assignment should demonstrate your knowledge of what you have read over the past week. How you demonstrate this is up to you! I have several templates/options in class you may choose from, such as a character Twitter tweet, an Instagram picture, a text conversation, or a cartoon. If you have another idea, I would love to see it.

Book Talks

Several times a week we will do "Book Talks" in class. This is when you, your classmates, or I will recommend a book we have read to the class. Books that you choose to book talk should be ones that you loved and that your think your classmates will enjoy as well. If there is a copy of the book in the classroom, we can add it to our "Recommended" Book Shelf.

Class Library

There are approximately 1,000 books in our classroom library for you to borrow!!! Please take care of these books. When you borrow them, please remember to sign them out in the yellow notebook and when you return them please have me sign them back in. Please return them as soon as you are finished reading so that your classmates can also read them. I am always looking for helpers to keep the library organized - if you are interested, please let me know!