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Trimester One

Dear GSL Staff,

This trimesterly update is intended to provide you with brief tidbits of information related to curriculum, instruction, and assessment within the Glencoe-Silver Lake School District. If you have specific questions, please address them to Dan Svoboda (Assessment) or Michelle Wang

(C & I). We also welcome your feedback regarding this update and any particular information you'd like to see addressed in future updates.

Assessment Resources

Common Core State Standards

The Minnesota Department of Education has created a draft of new English Language Arts (ELA) standards. When adopted (2013), we will join 45 other states. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) also contain standards related to "technical subjects" (Social Studies, Science, and Media) An excellent resource for learning more about the standards can be found here. I would also strongly recommend viewing Appendix B as this contains exemplar texts (both read aloud and independent reading), along with test samples.

Standards Based Report Cards

Ken O'Connor has said, "Grading as it has been done traditionally promotes a culture of point accumulation not learning, encourages competition not collaboration, often focuses on activities not results...and everythign students do gets a score and every score ends up in the grade book." Standards-based report cards focus on learning standards - an agreed upon statement of what a student should know and be able to do in a given content area. What makes standards-based report cards so great, you ask? A focus on mastering content "standards" instead of accumulating points. A report of what students know and are able to do. A balance of formative and summative assessments (mounting evidence). A record keeping system that informs instruction. A system that encourages student reflection and resonsibility for learning.

SIOP: Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol

SIOP is a scientifically research based protocol that is generally associated with English Language Learners, however the practices of SIOP have also proven to be beneficial with all learners. SIOP should be of particular interest for GSL as our MCA scores have shown a significant achievement gap between EL learners and non-EL learners. Implementing SIOP strategies is one way to begin to close this gap.

Writing, displaying, and reviewing language and content objectives for each lesson you teach is one SIOP strategy. Some would even argue this is the foundation of SIOP. This ppt provides additional information regarding content and language objectives.

Mapping Reminder

If you have not completed an electronic curriculum map for each subject/class you teach, please continue to work on this. Complete maps will be beneficial as we look at realignment of Social Studies standards, CCSS for ELA, and planning for the 2012-2013 school year. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask!

21st Century Learners

A buzzword in education currently is the phrase "21st Century Learners". What does this mean? This is a focus on the four C's: Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity. Educational researchers are finding these traits are helpful in producing students who are "college and career ready". This website explains more regarding 21st Century Learning. Another excellent resource are materials from Tony Wagner or Heidi Hayes-Jacobs. Look for more regarding 21st century learning in the next CIA Update.

Assessment Schedule

Monday, Feb. 4th, 12am

GSL Schools

February 2013

4-8 Access for ELL’s

11-15 Optional Local Purpose Assessment for Math (Grades 7-8)

5-13 GRAD Reading Retest (Grades 11-12)

March 2013

18-22 MCA Science (Grades 3-6)

April 2013

2-12 MCA Reading (Grades 3-6)

16 MCA Writing (Grades 9,12)

16 MCA Math Grade 11, Segments 1&2

17 MCA Math Grade 11, Segments 3&4

22-May 3 MCA Math (Grades 3-6)

29-May 3 MCA Math (Grades 7,8)

May 2013

6-10 MCA Reading (Grades 7,8,10)

13-17 MCA Science (Grade 10)

GSL Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment