The One True Economy: Communism!

(It's better than the rest...)

We the Government!

Welcome! We, (the government) are glad you could view this flyer! Here we shall speak to all our doubting citizens, and members of the world why Communism is the best!

Why choose Communism?

Why should you, our wonderful citizen, choose the economic system of Communism?

That's a wonderful question, that is why we (the government) are proud to answer that question with this short list on why you should commit to Communism!

When choosing Communism.....

  1. You place power in our protective hands. (The Government's Hands,)
  2. We, the government will keep the economy stable.
  3. We shall use our new-found power to protect our citizens!
  4. We can curve prices and business when necessary to help produce the max efficiency and profit.
  5. All work is valued equal in our eyes! We pay all hard-working citizens equally, so none feel inferior!

Some of the opposing "inferior" Economies.

Not Convinced?

What's that? Still not convinced?

Well, for those still leaning towards "No, Communism isn't better," We'd like to answer further questions and refute any criticisms you still may have.

The most common reasons why Communism is frowned upon:

  • The government controls everything!

This problem, is a legitimate problem that many people have. However, we as your loving government can assure you completely, that we have only your best interest in mind! We (as stated above) will use this power granted to us by the people, purely to help the economy!

  • Communism allows for no individuality!

We can assure you, that since we look upon you as equals in standers, this does not mean that we look at you, our loyal and devoted citizens as the same. We only treat you on an equal level, we do not treat you all as the same exact person.

  • No free business!

This issue can be easily avoided. If you as a citizen wish to create your own business, and not work in one we have already provided, then all you have to do is send a letter to our capital, (in written form) detailing why we should create such business for you. NOTE: There must be over 10 valid reasons, otherwise the content of the letter, and the letter itself will be dismissed, and burned. Can't have those greedy citizens getting everything! That would make things un-equal!

You have reached the end.

And by now you have reached the end of our country wide informational packet and flyer of why we are switching to Communism as our primary Economic system!

If you disagree, please send a letter with 10 valid reasons.
If you riot, we will be forced to restore peace. Please don't use unnecessary violence.
If you are not a hard working citizen, your job branch will crash, due to lack of labor.
If your job branch crashes, it will cause other branches to crash.
If several branches crash, it will cause a recession.
If a recession lasts long enough, it will create a depression.
If the economy falls into a depression, we may never recover.
If we never recover, we may be invaded by foreigners, and taken over.

Congratulations! Due to you not being a hard-working citizen, you have caused our entire country to go through years of hard-ship before loosing our lovely liberty and being captured and taken over.

So in short, embrace Communism. It makes things easier on all of us.