Hope Havens Juffer Classroom

September 2015


Math- On the Chapter 1 Math tests our class collectively scored higher than the other 5th grade Math classes.
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Ditch the Desks!

Since we are lucky enough to have 3 teachers in the classroom we prefer to work in small groups and move around the room. Students are often paired up with other students or in small group settings.

We typically run a workshop model for all subjects. What does this mean?... It means that we don't stand at the front of the classroom and lecture/lead the large group for the entire period. We are able to use a variety of teaching methods listed above. We may begin lessons with a short 10-15 mini lesson then we break out into groups. This enables all three teachers to work with students on specific skill deficits as well as work with students that need advanced lessons and instruction. After all, all students do not need the same 45 minute lesson. Our goal is more targeted instruction, increased differentiated instruction, and flexible groupings. All students benefit from appropriately challenged lessons.


We have been incredibly busy acclimating ourselves to the iPads and it's uses in the classroom. Students are using the my homework app as an assignment notebook. We are becoming experts at Canvas. We are integrating technology to enhance learning. Some apps we have created work on are PicCollage, Popplet, and Notability. We have blogged about current events on Canvas. We have many more apps we hope to incorporate as the year goes on.

If you need assistance with Canvas please let us know. We are always available to show you how to navigate through it before school or after school. Remember- your child is always able to write their assignments down in an assignment notebook if preferred.