Flying Big Wheels

Fly and Ride in Style

This flying car is availabe for all ages!!

Big Wheels are so 2015..... With this new Flying Big Wheel you can soar to new heights!!! With this versatile vehicle, kids can travel with wheels or wings!

Check out these cool features:

*parent controlled remote and/or app available in the App Store

*powered by rechargeable battery or gas

*adjustable seats with seatbelts

*inside kid control panel

*reaches heights of 50 ft and speeds of 50 mph!

Availabe in 2020 starting at *$499.99!

Additional Info

Available in various colors

Seatbelt included

Parent remote controls height, zone, and speed

Parent remote is also available in the App store

Available in gas or battery powered options

Holds up to 200 lbs

Larger sizes are available

This high-powered techno vehicle is guaranteed to appeal to all ages!!!

Available at all ATV stores and online at our website!

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