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Our library is here to support staff and students in meeting educational goals. This weekly newsletter will update you on new resources and ideas that are available physically and digitally.


iDavid and Sandy Perloff came to visit last Wednesday. They watched what was going on in Mrs, Morrison's classroom. Here is a link to a slideshow . We can use Bee-Bots with any grade and any topic. Let me know if you want to plan something.

Digital Citizenship

I would still love to do Digital Citizenship lessons with your students. Doing website evaluation for Big 6 could count as a digital citizenship lessons. I can also do lessons from Common Sense Media and the Digital Citizenship Survival Kit.

Big 6 February

February will be Use of Information month. The focus will be on learning good note taking strategies and avoiding plagiarism. The sooner we can get you on the schedule the better - things fill up fast and February is a short month.

Skype Visits

During the week of February 9th Rebecca Johnson will be Skyping with all 4th and 5th grade students about her book Zombie Makers which is on the current MSBA list and some of her other books. Students in grades 1 - 3 will be Skyping with Tonya Lee Stone at the end of March. Tonya Lee Stone wrote Who Says Women Can't Be Doctors whci is on the Chickadee list.
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