A Separate Peace

By John Knowles

This story takes place in WW2 at a school called The Devon School for boys. This is a flashback to when a boy named Gene was in school there. It was a constant battle of self discovery and friendship. These events were an important part of his life. There was also his best friend Phineas. They both were almost polka err opposites, but they became friends despite this. Gene was jealous of Finny and wanted to be him Finny thought that Gene was a sincere friend, but in the end he was the opposite. Gene went even to go as far as to hurt Phone as. They were climbing on a tree, and Gene made the branch shake, which caused Finny to fall and break his leg. He even bragged about it. The story goes on and Finny can no longer play the sports that he loved dearly. Gene begins to become undone.

Gene and Phineas are two very different people. Gene is a very smart individual. He has perfect grades in all of his classes and even breakout when he gets a grade lower than an A. Phineas was different. He had terrible grades and was even at the point that he was going to get in trouble. He would even ask Gene for help. What Phineas lacked in knowledge, he made up for in athletics. He was the star athlete, carefree, handsome, and Gene envied him deeply.