Welcome Back Students!

Fall 2015 Classroom

About Me


My name is Sydni Oliver. I received my Masters in Communication Sciences and Disorders and minored in Education. I specialize in the process of language. I have worked with special needs for about 4 years. I enjoy watching students figure out which mode of communication works best for their individual needs. I have worked with nonverbal and verbal students with a wide range of communication skills. I use many ways to teach effective and efficient communication. Over the years I have worked with a variety of people that struggle with life skill for example, getting up and preparing themselves for the day, getting and maintaining a job,grocery shopping and problem solving. I understand each student is different and I want to provide a healthy learning environment to ensure everyone has the opportunity to grow. I try to take the main aspect each student struggles with and incorporate it into the classroom. I encourage my students to learn and teach each other different perspectives in class. While I like to encourage them to practice what they learned during school and apply their knowledge out of school.



I believe that language is a learned through nature. B.F. Skinner viewed language as a verbal behavior that was learned like any other behavior through operant conditioning. Operant condition is a verbal behavior in which a parent gives the modeling and reinforcement that forms the child's vocabulary and phonetic list. I like my classroom to have serval posters and APEX cards on the wall; as well as other different means to help students communicate. The lights, colors, sound and intonation of voices on electronics inspire kids to use language. I keep computers and tablets in my room so the students have access to the internet, I allow students to come to my room before and after school in case they need or want extra practice. I believe in positive reinforcement so I keep snacks and stickers in my room. Confidence is important so at the end of the day I typically reward everyone with a treat.

The first unit of the class we will practice components of language like pragmatics, morphology, phonology, syntax and semantics. We will review each component individually and midway through the unit we will start combining all the skills together to understand how they all work together. Both the nonverbal and verbal aspect of communication uses the components of language so everyone has the chance to better their communication skills.

Contact Me

I arrive about an hour before school starts and I stay 2 hours once the school day ends, I encourage students to visit me whenever they want to. My door is always open. If there are ever concerns feel free to email me, I keep it open all and my phone receives, just in case I am not near a computer.