Describing the Diegesis...

A Wild and Extraordinary Land

The land of Alagaesia is a mystery to all but the most intrepid of souls. Full of both great danger and fabulous treasure it contains far distant forests, deserts, beaches and mountains. It envelops an abundance of natural wonders and creatures both fair and foul. For those with an adventurous nature, such as yours, is it a world of unrivaled opportunities and very few maps. No one knows all its secrets and magic abounds in the most unexpected of places...

The Two Legged Races

Within the land of Alagaesia there are four distinct races; the Elves, the Humans, the Dwarves and the Urgals. Each of these has its own distinct history, language and culture. The differences between these races are profound and they have a long history of deep divisions and even war.

Understanding the cultures and the differences between these groups may prove essential to surviving your time in Alagaesia.

Dragons and their Riders

On reflection, I have decided that the most important thing for you to know about Alagaesia is that it is a land of Dragons. These are ever amazing and powerful creatures who seem to spin the world from their own magic in a way not even they can explain. For as long as our histories remember individuals of great heart and character have bonded with Dragons and become Dragon Riders. They are the Keepers of our Peace and it is their responsibility to stand between the Light and the Dark and maintain the balance between the two.

But now, importantly, I must tell you that our world is out of balance. We have lost all but two of our Dragons and these have been twisted to an evil purpose by the false King Galbatorix, the last of the Dragon Riders. Our entire land is at war. Without our Dragons and their Riders we may never again be at peace.
I pray that I have shown you the seriousness of our need. I would ask that you leave for Alagaesia as soon as you may. This land is full of precious creatures and magical places that survive only with our aid. You have a true heart and boundless courage. I know that you will stand with me to restore balance to this wonderful land.

Look for me at the docks of Gil'ead. I will reveal myself to you.

Your true friend...