Famous People From Spain

Salvador Dali, Christano Ronaldo, Pennolpe Cruz

Salvador Dali

  • Born in Spain 1904
  • His technical skill was painting
  • Broke with Survealist movement in 1939
  • He had a weird mustache
  • Only surviving male child of prosperous Calatan family
  • He organized a museum of his own collection of art
  • Attended a prominment academy Madrid.
  • Great imagination
  • Died in the place of his birth on January 23, 1989

Penelope Cruz

  • Born in Spain on April 28, 1974
  • Studied classical ballet
  • First Spanish actor and first Spanish academy award winner
  • Mom had a beauty salon where she felt like she was an actor

Christano Ronaldo

  • Soccer player
  • Born in Portugal
  • Scored 3 goals to help Manchester win FIFA in 2004
  • Manchester pain 12 million £ for him