Breaking the ice

The life of Elizabeth Blackwell


Elizabeth Blackwell's close friend influenced her to be a physicist after a comment she made one day (changing the face of medicine). Many people doubted her and thought there was no way she could obtain the degree, but she proved those wrong and made it possible (changing the face of medicine). She applied at many colleges and was denied to all of them except one. Which was a small college in the rural area of New York (National women history). She was the only women accepted into a all-male student body by vote. She also graduated as first in her class and the first women in the world to receive a medical degree in 1949 (changing the face of medicine).
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Women's History Minute: "Elizabeth Blackwell"


she was faced with many problems on her way to success. Not only was she the only women in an all-male school (changing the face of medicine). She also was treated differently by the professors, they would make her do various things differently then the way the male students would them. She was set aside from others and no one respected her. Many doubted her and her goals, by telling her that this wasn't a job for women and there was no way she could do it. through all of the obstacles thrown at her, she didn't let them affect her and paved the way for women all around the world (national women history).

Later years

Elizabeth Blackwell was a pioneer for women of her time and further on and helped educate other women in the profession through speaking and she also wrote books (national women history museum). After graduating medical school she observed some of the city's poorest patients who were suffering from a disease called typhus and wrote a thesis on it. and she later opened up her own college for women (national women history museum). In the 1870's Blackwell's health started to go down she gave up on the practice, but that didn't stop her from camping for reform (changing the face of medicine).

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