Free Books!! Come and get them!!

Friday, December 7... All day long!

The James Patterson-Scholastic Award means all of us WIN!

As you know, Scholastic gave me $500 and 10,500 bonus points to spend as a prize for entering the James Patterson contest last year. It was so fun to spend all of that on books for our school. Please check out the pictures below to see what we were able to buy.

In all, we got 325 books totaling over $2000!

Now it is your turn to come get them! I have leveled them and sorted them out to make it easy to shop. Each teacher may come choose 9 new books.

Here is what we'd like you to consider...

  • Could you find titles for some of your lowest readers if you do not currently have many in your library
  • What 'holes' do you have in your library that could use filling?
  • Is there a title you see that could spark engagement in that reluctant reader?